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Parler, Twitter clone for right-wingers, sees record downloads after Trump loss

Parler, Twitter clone for right-wingers, sees record downloads after Trump loss

After President Trump’s election loss, Parler, a social network founded as an ideological rival to Facebook and Twitter, saw a record number of downloads on Google Play and Apple Store, mostly from American right-wingers. Parler’s app saw 980,000 downloads in total between November 3 and 8. Parler has been a central hub for many of the right-wing protests against the election results.

TexasReb 2 months

I will admit that I downloaded and created accounts on both Parler and MeWe this week. I also stopped using Screwgel about two months ago and I use DuckDuckGo for the moment. I will be deleting my FarceBook account.

cledge fenrir
cledge fenrir 2 months

So if Parker is for right wing are they admitting that Twitter is left wing then?

WWIII 2 months

I guess that’s all the confirmation the SCOTUS needs for Dorsey, Twitter is for the left, duly noted

Jason 2 months

Curious how these companies will handle the lawsuits that will inevitably come when their platforms are used to coordinate war and the killing of Americans. We all know where this is going.

R_Forde 2 months

I am tempted to get an account but I don’t want to be in an echo chamber. I’ve never really had a social media account with so I can see a link real need for it.

Cybersinke 2 months

Better title: Parler, Twitter free speech clone, sees record downloads after election shenanigans.

OrKos world
OrKos world 2 months

A mass exodus of facebook, twitter, Google and anything democratic based is gonna feel a pinch this coming weeks

John 2 months

It’s because the msm & big tech are run by billionaires who oppose the re-industrialisation of the west (because they prefer Chinese slave factories) & are currently telling bald-faces lies about who the president elect is. Biden won with photocopiers in the middle of the night. Us silly, liberty loving patriots figured it out.

Not-Illuminati 2 months

How does Parler know if you're a conservative or not, what definition of conservative are they even using, and what will they do if they find out you're not a conservative? /s

Karlo 2 months

It seems that emergence and existence of alt-tech like Parler, BitChute, Subscribestar, Gab, and MeWe (to name some that come to mind and are mentioned in comments) is only beneficial for the bigger picture. As more people across the political spectrum adopt alternatives to legacy social media, the "underground" nature of these forums diminishes. Ideologies or phenomena with adverse effects for humanity should not be censored and forced to dark corners where they fester, but challenged, and that requires exposure - "Sunlight is the best disinfectant".

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 2 months

I wouldn't say it's because of "Trump's loss" so much as Twitter and Facebook removing posts, groups and accounts they disagree with.

Jon 2 months

OH WHAT A LIE. "Twitter clone for right wingers". Everyone can use Parler it's just a platform. The only way in which it is "for right wingers" is that it doesn't ban people for being right leaning.

Amoneywilson 2 months

Correction the major downloads for Parler started when Twitter censored the Hunter Biden email scandal.

MrLoseddos 2 months

Lol @headline. Finally it's confirmed that Twitter is left wing! 😂😂😂

Barry 2 months

I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of lawsuits surrounding this app

Purple Media
Purple Media 1 months

Record downloads then next day shutdown

Eric 2 months

Headline contains disinformation. Parlar does not bar people based on their political beliefs.

Yuri bezmenov
Yuri bezmenov 2 months

Any app thats a competition is smeared this way.

Rocky 2 months

Trump hasn't lost anything. Why do they say that?

Rafael 2 months

It's funny how karma works when trump stole the election four years ago the rightwingers were cling democrats crybabies. Who's the crybabies now?

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