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McConnell: ’We ought to quit all the handwringing’ about Trump not conceding

McConnell: ’We ought to quit all the handwringing’ about Trump not conceding

On Tuesday, Senator Mitch McConnell called for calm in the face of Trump not conceding, saying ’we’ll swear in the winner on January 20, 2021’. Donald Trump has continued to make voter fraud accusations, claiming that he has won the election, and several lawsuits are in progress over the results. Most legal experts are dubious of their merit, no evidence has yet arisen of any major irregularities.

Neil 1 months

No evidence aye? You can’t have reasonable discourse with people who deny reality. The fact that Dems forbid Rs to observe counting in Philly and Setroit is evidence enough. This election will not be stolen by the leftists, their media, or anyone else.

Mutatis 1 months

The question is not whether election fraud occurred, as that is largely guaranteed, but whether the impact was to the extent that it might flip states for one candidate or the other.

BlueGrover 1 months

Where’s the evidence republicans were kept from observing the counts in PA? Folks act like they had billy goats eating ballots while others were on fire and yet others were shoving ballots down their pants, stashing em behind plants. Meanwhile Mr. Baby pants is gettting set up for a coup. In which the folks screaming loudest about fraud and everyone’s vote being not counted would be thrilled if a happened.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 months

Do these idiots not understand that affidavits under penalty of purgery and court witness statements can serve as circumstancial evidence. Which provided the growing amount of whistle blowers showing up may be indicative of a problem.

Laura 1 months

The USA has suffered enough

James 1 months

Does Newsvoice bother to verify anything? 3/4 links here have absolutely nothing to do with the headline.

Judy 1 months

Dems stole this election and now they are shoving call results....down your thoart. And you should go along with it like your the stupid, blind America they have always considered you to be. End of story. Except Trump should have seen this coming and put checks in place before the election. Democrats are the only winners, cheaters but winners.

Charles 1 months

This story is complete misinformation. There is enough proof to fill up the wretched whitehouse, 3 fold.

Jaye Muller
Jaye Muller 1 months

There's plenty of evidence! But it's being suppressed by the big media, as usual.

Charles 1 months

The filth continues to rise to the occasion.

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