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Houston police officer shot dead, massive manhunt launched to nab suspect

Houston police officer shot dead, massive manhunt launched to nab suspect

Sergeant Sean Rios, 47, was shot dead by an assailant outside a motel in the north of Houston, Texas. The Houston police chief said Rios was driving on Interstate 45 when he traded gunfire with someone in a blue Mercedes. Rios was able to return fire, but it was unknown if anyone was hit. The police said they had a description of the suspect and a massive manhunt has been launched.

James 2 months

These offices are out to protect and serve but I don't like I don't like some of these rude f****** comments don't find that dude and I know exactly what his ethnicity is I can smell it a mile away and I tell you what don't find that guy no blow his ass away makes no difference to me a piece of s*** in society wasted it takes a life of a cop it serves and protects to antifa Black lives matters motherfukers all life matters it ain't color it's not race you're all stereotypes but when Trump's re-elected he's going to turn the military Lewis there will be martial law and your ass is out after dark and you told to go away the blow your ass away better take heed Trump will win You Better Run for Cover

James 2 months

I come from family and law enforcement and I don't respect some of these retarded comments yeah I'm locked and loaded I carry so the scum of the Earth and all the evil The Punisher will get you mark my words he's all over he's lurking around every corner in some way in some matter muscimol get cleaned up remember good always wins over evil And The Punisher represents good and a whole lot of Firepower

Dogsaladsalad 2 months


ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Check YouTube videos about this. There is always cheering and joy over murder like this.

Rachel 2 months


dsgbob 2 months

White Supremacy strikes again

Indo 2 months

Another one bites the dust !?

Eric 2 months

Rest In Peace officer, we’ll take it from here.

justsayin 2 months

I’m guessing that since the officer’s race is not mentioned in the headline, must be a white guy.

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