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Barr authorizes DOJ to ’pursue substantial allegations’ of voter fraud

Barr authorizes DOJ to ’pursue substantial allegations’ of voter fraud

AG William Barr authorized the DOJ to investigate any ’substantial allegations’ of voter fraud in the election. Barr wrote that investigations ’may be conducted if there are clear and apparently-credible allegations of irregularities.’ He stressed, though, that this may not be taken as an indication that the Dept. ’concluded that voting irregularities have impacted the outcome of any election.’

E n
E n 2 months

Barr sounds like he's trying to pacify a spoilt child.

Jerry 2 months

Wow, Barr finally acts. I wonder what the catch is?

Tyler 2 months

I love how there hasn’t been any hard evidence but because The 45th can’t handle defeat so he blames it on everything and everyone else.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 2 months

Trumpers are showing more and more they are traitors to the American process and only want power to make everyones lives worse.

S 2 months

Trump won

shawn 2 months

Hay Mr Barr why not do your job the election was far free and trump loss far and square. Why do you not look at voter suppression or why the united postal service and why it was messed with

George 2 months

This was planned a long time ago, that's what corrupt countries do.

Rof 2 months

Thank you God for allowing Trump to appoint 3 Supreme Court justices. Amen.

yuckycrumpet 2 months

Hahahahaha. Good luck with that.

Reason 2 months

Even Fox News is skeptical...I am shocked.

IvoryDove 2 months

The Global News headline is laughable. "Despite lack of evidence". A) There's lots of evidence. Look at the Wisconsin Elections Commission ordering spoiled ballots to be accepted against the law. B) Look at Philadelphia blocking inspectors from the ballot handling process. Those two states could flip the game.

Saul E
Saul E 2 months

Trump probably told I mean asked Barr to investigate, I would bet my last bottom dollar.

Ruben 2 months

Oh , I forgot he works for Trump not the people.

The Troy Prouty
The Troy Prouty 2 months

Wish we had laws regarding gerrymandering

The Troy Prouty
The Troy Prouty 2 months

I think if they apply to only States Trump lost. there is an obvious issue with equality and we must demand the same from States Trump won.

The Troy Prouty
The Troy Prouty 2 months

Sounds like he is attempting to delay certification possibly

George 2 months

God has nothing to do with this, religious are human beings loaded with sins who do not recognize the commandments of God, do not lie.

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