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Peru’s President Martin Vizcarra impeached, booted out of power

Peru’s President Martin Vizcarra impeached, booted out of power

Peru’s Congress voted to oust President Martin Vizcarra from office. This politically destabilizing move comes amid the worst Covid-19 surge in the country. Vizcarra said he would not challenge the decision in the courts and would step down as head of state. Opposition lawmakers from nine parties accused Vizcarra of corruption and his handling of the pandemic.

porcus 2 months

Hey! There's an idea, maybe the Republicans can do that to Ol Sniffy! Charge him on Obstruction of Congress for the Burisma Investigation and Abuse of Power. Seems like a great way to start of 2021. And we can put the screws to those pesky Republicans in control of the Senate and ensure they do a proper conviction! /s

M. Schlegel
M. Schlegel 2 months

Ironically there is much more evidence for corruption among some of the congressmen than president Vizcarra. Purely political move. His term expires in 5 months, he does not run for reelection, he did not try to interfere in any way with the investigations into his “corruption” etc. He might not be perfect at all but quite honestly the best president Peru had in a while. Edit: spelling

Randy 2 months

So the news here is not that he was impeached, but rather that he was removed. No wonder the public gets so confused about that term.

Crumpdiddy 2 months

When you expose the corruption you get booted by corruption.

Borther Bear
Borther Bear 2 months

Ironically it's the same congress he formed a year ago, when he dissolved the previous one.

K W “Just me”
K W “Just me” 2 months


eclipseNF 2 months

Oy vey much covid

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