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Biden team considers legal action as agency delays approving transition

Biden team considers legal action as agency delays approving transition

Joe Biden’s transition team is considering legal action over a federal agency’s delay in recognizing the win over President Trump, a Biden official said. The General Services Administration normally recognizes a presidential candidate so that a transition of power can begin. That has not yet happened. Biden transition officials said that their victory is clear and that a delay is not justified.

Sean Cox
Sean Cox 2 months

The electoral team hasn't even voted and won't until the first week of December. Go back to sleep little joe.

Josh 2 months

To those saying there is no fraud in the recount need I remind you, that you have no proof there isn’t fraud and how can you know? Seems to me assumption is just as dangerous as lying.

John Nalls Studios
John Nalls Studios 2 months

It's quite clear that the clown show is over, so just accept it and move on. Trump is attempting undermine our democracy just like he does with everything else. There is documented evidence that Russia and Wikileaks interfered with the election in 2016 to help Trump win. Where was the outrage then? No worries though he's going to jail.

Katherine 2 months

I sure hope Biden takes them to task. F&?k TRUMP AND HIS POS Administration!! He’s been FIRED🤣🤣

Cory 2 months

The electoral votes haven't been cast, and have not yet been certified. Trump, likewise has not conceded. So at this point, Biden has not officially won, so official transition cannot begin. Sue, let the first act be to be shut down. Set the tone for the next four years.

Rafael 2 months

Biden should recognize that you can't play fair against a bunch of hyenas. Their acting like a bunch of childish sore loosers. Who needs them anyway. All they want to do is delegitimize our democracy. They want to hold on to power no matter what, even if it puts our nation in danger.

The Troy Prouty
The Troy Prouty 2 months

They don't really have anything g until certification.. most are done by December.. at that point once certification passes 270. Its wait Sadly. On the other hand if Trump files in States, Biden might want to take a stand on Trump victory States filing the same results in order to disperse equality of law. Even in small victories.

Rof 2 months

Not a good look to rush. He seems very worried about something. Proverbs 10:9-10 ERV Honest people can always feel secure, but lying cheaters will be caught. [10] If you fail to speak the truth, trouble will follow. If you speak openly, peace will come.

Patty 2 months

WHAT a cheater he is

Chris 2 months

What's wrong Joe? Don't want to count all the votes suddenly?

Shameless 2 months

Their victory is far from clear!

Rafael 2 months

Sue them biden don't let them run ruffshod over us democrats.

Jon 2 months

Go for it. Exercise your legal rights.

Glen 2 months

After the dirtiest campaign in history,why? Would anyone want to help this cheater and liar. Lets see him live up to his campaign promises.

Glen 2 months

Impeach Biden for running a illegal campaign filled with empty promises?

KOAN. 2 months

Slow down hotshot, the votes haven’t been counted yet.

Jack 2 months

So interesting how both sides think the other side is cheating the election.

Daniel 2 months

Who's trying to undermine democracy again? Lol I think he's getting worried.

Michael 2 months

I hope that Bidens team Sue's Trump and his Administration

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