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El Paso calls in 10 refrigerated morgue trailers as Covid-19 deaths surge

El Paso calls in 10 refrigerated morgue trailers as Covid-19 deaths surge

Officials in the Texas county of El Paso have called in 10 temporary refrigerated morgue trailers to keep bodies of patients who died of Covid-19 as morgues filled up, according to the town’s KFOX-TV. County Judge Ricardo Samaniego said no showed no signs of slowing down. At least 64,158 people tested positive for Covid-19 and over 673 deaths have been reported in the since the pandemic began.

Josh 2 months

I remember when there were such trucks in NYC in the spring. I was hoping things would not get that bad again. My sympathy to those in El Paso.

John W
John W 2 months

If you look in the morgues you will see it's full of real journalism. 14 deaths equals full morgue?

Barry 2 months

But wait. The Texans said covid wasn't even in Texas. How did this happen?

Chad 2 months

This is ridiculous. 99% recover from this. Call in trailers? Better play the Megamillions then. Since the chances are so high you will win

BILL 2 months

What IS IT about that West Texas town of El Paso? I remember Marty Robbins' beautiful song a murder in that town over a woman. Flash forward a few decades and read another story about murder in El Paso. A school shooting, I believe it was. Now we have Coronavirus deaths in El Paso. Just wondering as I'm wandering.

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Notice that since the election is "over" these Corona stories are being pushed in full swing again?

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