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Mitch McConnell elected as Senate GOP leader

Mitch McConnell elected as Senate GOP leader

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader was unanimously elected to his eighth term as GOP leader on Tuesday. Senator McConnell first became a Republican leader in 2007, and has also held the position longer than any other senator. Control of the Senate next year remains in limbo with two Senate races in Georgia going to runoffs on January 5.

Xavier 2 months

I’m so happy the guy who struck down every covid relief package for the past few months is back in power! Can’t wait to have another efficient and prodemocracy senate running as smooth as ever.

Rocky 2 months

He is an excellent leader for either a Trump or Biden presidency. He really understands what checks and balances mean and what the senate's constitutional role is. Congratulations Mr. Mcconnell.

Forsaken 2 months

The dems need a person like him, just strike down everthing the Republicans want no matter if its good for America or not

specific_C 2 months

Hell yeah!

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