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My son acted in self-defense, Kenosha killer Rittenhouse’s mother says

My son acted in self-defense, Kenosha killer Rittenhouse’s mother says

The mother of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old charged in the fatal shooting of two men during a protest in Wisconsin, tried to put much of the blame for what happened on police and the governor and suggested that her son acted in self-defense. She said, her son felt he needed to protect businesses in Kenosha from the looting that erupted after the police shooting of Jacob Blake two days earlier.

Shamura 2 months

Rittenhouse was asked by the owner of the store he worked at to defend the store from violent rioters and looters. He was seen performing medical assistance to both sides as he had training. Rioters tried to take his gun from him, he tried to run away when they started shooting after him, he turned around and shot the man chasing him dead. He immediately called police, explaining what he had done and ran to meet them. He was still being chased, with people screaming that they are going to kill him. He trips and they assault him, with melee weapons and kicks. He shoots the aggressor on top of him, then fires at the arm of another guy aiming a handgun at Kyle. He then continued to run to give himself up to the police. All of this is clearly visible on multiple videos and different angles captured by the people chasing and attacking him, as well as bystanders. If you haven't seen the videos, don't make a statement. They've been public knowledge for a while now. The 3 people who attacked him and got shot was all convicted fellons. A sex-offender involving a minor throwing a brick at Kyle. The second was convicted for violent crimes. Last guy was convicted for burglary and was not allowed to carry weapons. Stop defaming a kid trying to help his community who got attacked by violent anarchists trying to murder him. Stop defending these violent rioters. And for gods sake, stop with your lies.

Kyle G
Kyle G 2 months

A mob of people chased him and attacked him relentlessly and people on here say he was “asking for it”...righhhhhttt. I’ll put on my #freekyle t-shirt now.

Battery Salad
Battery Salad 2 months

Proud to say I donated to his defense fund. Those two would still be alive and Gaige would still have his bicep if they had enough common sense not to ATTACK Kyle. Especially attacking someone with a rifle. They got what they deserved. Kyle defended himself.

Remy 2 months

In my eyes, this kid is a PATRIOT and HERO. Patriotism is what this country needs. When police are not "allowed" in, it is up to those of us that CARE about our country and CARE about the well-being of our fellow citizens to step up defend.

Charles 2 months

What a pity she didn’t keep him home. Poor misguided youth. BS.

Mansoor 2 months

Lots of low info leftists not condeming the riots and looting but going after a 17 year old kid. Where the consistency. When people target greta thunberg, you guys cry age, shes 17. Where is the equality? Doesnt matter if the kid shouldve been there or not, the one pedo and the other sex offender plus the 100s of antifa and blm terrorists shouldnt have been there as well. The video clearly shows self defense and if you cant see that you have selective preception.

Charles 2 months

The only self-defense he used was to try to run away home afterwards. Until that point he was a full grown big man with a full grown big gun. Pay the price big man.

Braces4Impact 2 months

What mom isn't going to defend her son? Especially one of young age that carries firearms illegally across state lines with grown men to defend property. I feel like perhaps she should have been more in touch with her son.

Ryszmarine 2 months

The video evidence is clear as to what happened here, the headlines are disgusting.

porcus 2 months

Let me break it down for you. :D - Rittenhouse lived near Kenosha, attended school in Kenosha, and worked in Kenosha - Rittenhouse did not transport any firearm across State lines. The AR-15 was provided to him by an adult that lived in Wisconsin; perfectly legal - Rittenhouse was in Kenosha to clean up the grafitti and damage caused by the rioters - Rittenhouse is a trained EMT and was rendering first aid to all sides that evening - Rittenhouse stayed that evening, when asked by the owner, to assist in defending a used car lot - Rittenhouse put out a dumpster fire caused by Rosenbaum (RedShirt) who intended to ram police vehicles with it - Rittenhouse was chased by Rosenbaum and several of his fellow rioters, resulting in Rittenhouse getting separated from his adult supervisor - Rittenhouse attempts to retreat from Rosenbaum but is cornered in a car lot and unable to get away from the mob of angry men who are attempting to assault him - One of Rosenbaum's group fires a gun at Rittenhouse, striking Rosenbaum in the back, penetrating his liver. Rittenhouse turns to confront the threat and Rosenbaum lunges for his rifle. Rittenhouse fires 4 or 5 shots in self-defense (de facto; attempting to grab a firearm from someone is a hostile act), striking Rosenbaum in the hand, the pelvis, and a grazing shot on his head - Rittenhouse attempts to call 911 to get medical aid to Rosenbaum but is unable to get through due to the lines being deluged from the riots - Rittenhouse observes that the rest of the mob is turning aggressive against him and decides to turn himself in to the police a few blocks down from the location - Rittenhouse is attacked by several individuals as he runs to the police; after getting punched from behind twice he stumbles and falls, where another person kicks him in the head as he attempts to get up - Rittenhouse is attacked by Skater Dude, who hits him in the back of the neck with his skateboard and then pulls on his rifle, resulting in Skater Dude being fatally shot in the heart. This is de facto self-defense, as Skater Dude attempted a hostile act by grabbing for the firearm) - Rittenhouse is approached by an armed attacker, Bicep Boy, who has a 9mm pistol in his hand that he points at Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse raises his rifle to the ready at Bicep Boy, who backs off, then Bicep Boy rethinks and raises his pistol at Rittenhouse again, who fires his rifle and removes 90% of Bicep Boy's bicep. This is self-defense, as Bicep Boy was an imminent threat by raising and pointing his pistol - Rittenhouse is able to stand up, and continues to the police to turn himself in. He has his hands up in the air and approaches the police vehicles. Unfortunately the police are overwhelmed and confused by all the reports coming in about riots and do not understand that Rittenhouse is attempting to turn himself in. They ignore him and drive on

michael 2 months

Didn't she BRING him across state lines with a weapon he was not legally allowed to own? You can't claim self defense when you go out of your way to put yourself in unnecessary danger. It's not self defense when you cross state lines to deliberately enter a declared riot zone. He had no business being there.

#Resist 2 months

Kyle is a hero. F Antifa.

CJ 2 months

You don't take an illegal assault weapon into public with intent to use it and then claim you were "defending yourself" ffs no wonder he was able to do this his parents obviously take no responsibility for bad behavior.

Derp Duh Doy
Derp Duh Doy 2 months

Bringing a gun to a highly unstable region of the US is probably not the best idea. Yea, I can see it being self-defense but he wouldn’t have to if he wasn’t carrying such a deadly weapon which leaves him only two choices when confronted: shoot to kill or don’t shoot, get his gun taken from him, get shot. What’s worse is that he’s carrying the gun in a place with high tension. He would have avoided this situation entirely if he wasn’t there.

Foshizzle 2 months

To anyone who watched the whole video, how can you say it is not self defense?

Xavier 2 months

Say what you will about the kid, I’m just glad they got a completely unbiased party’s input on the matter.

AbsentSal 2 months

Said every mother of a criminal ever

PadreFerrum 2 months

Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 2 months

He didnt

Brandon 2 months

Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent beyond a reasonable doubt the only reason why they would try to persecute him is because of politics.

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