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Trump defiant as Biden ramps up transition

Trump defiant as Biden ramps up transition

President Trump is continuing to battle after Joe Biden declared victory and began making announcements about his transition team. ’WE WILL WIN!’ Trump tweeted early Tuesday, adding, ’WE ARE MAKING BIG PROGRESS. RESULTS START TO COME IN NEXT WEEK. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!’ Biden is expected to meet with transition advisers on Tuesday.

Rof 2 months

If Biden has nothing to hide then he should be welcoming Trump's legal challenges and then he should meticulously address every allegation of fraud to allay all fears. Maximum transparency is of utmost importance to unite America. Biden should feel secure enough to do this. Proverbs 10:9-10 ERV Honest people can always feel secure, but lying cheaters will be caught. [10] If you fail to speak the truth, trouble will follow. If you speak openly, peace will come.

The Last Viking
The Last Viking 2 months

I’m not gonna lie here. I’ve been hearing a lot of people on right talking about we shouldn’t give up on trump and his legal issues, and blah blah blah. Dude I got bills to pay, mouths to feed, and life I’m gonna live. I don’t need to be “in the fight” while we are waiting for legal issues and court cases to be heard, and the litigation to be undertaken. People on the left. Either please read up on what’s actually going on or stop talking about how trump is going to lock himself in the White House and never come out. It’s disingenuous on both sides. If Biden wins, okay, if trump happens to win through this, cool. But it is what it is. Don’t forget to live your life these next few months

Leiviosa 2 months

I do wonder if Trump can pull this off. If Dems did cheat, would definitely like that out of the results. If they did as much as changing multiple states worth of votes, there needs to be a lot of work done internally.

MozartFX 2 months

I hope Trump wins and we get Punished Trump. Trump won’t forget who refused to fight for the American people. Democrats cheated...we can all agree on that.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 2 months

Trump wont concede. Dems need to reach out to rational people and ostracize trumpers even more.

Laura 2 months

It's not that Trump is defiant, it's that fraud investigations are still in place. The defiant ones are the democrats who didnt even wait for things to clear out and immediately declared themselves winners. The american people deserve fair elections and to know for sure whether the supposed winner and his party cheated their way to the presidency. If its proved otherwise then let him be and rule as president but under the current circumstances we have yet to see what actually happened.

godhillie 2 months

When these lawsuits get thrown out and the recounts dont end in Trumps favor, will the right respect the process, or will they continue to blame Trumps defeat on cheating?


Seems like he Consumes Vast Quanities of His Own Orange Delusional KOOL-AID!🍊🍊🍊🍊

Maria 2 months

Trump will never concede. Truth is on his side. When this comes out that Democrats cheated, I hope they remember that the time has come “For acceptance and unity” and work with Trump for the next 4 years. Or maybe all those that voted for Biden should be put on a list and not allowed to work! I believe this is what Democrats said about Trump voters!

Seth Racc
Seth Racc 2 months

Don’t get the reaction to Trump. The Democrats fought tooth and nail to find evidence worthy of impeachment, including the Russia Gate hoax, but when people on the right want to have an investigation into the validity of the election we’re demonaized? That’s called bias. I gave yall concern in the early days of the investigations, why not extend the favor over to my side? All concerns are valid, left or right, and sure I’d like Trump to win but our democracy and its validity takes priority over him.

Alexandra C
Alexandra C 2 months

President Trump should keep fighting for the American people. There is clearly something strange going on with the ballots in the swing states. There are dead people that have voted, ballot harvesting, "glitches" from a program that has ties with the Clintons, and there are ballot watchers being denied the right to watch the ballots being counted. And most of these glitches and ballots are in favor for Biden? It's a meme that the dead vote Democrat, I wonder why? 🤔After 4 years of the Russia Hox investigation, conservatives are supposed to shut up and follow along? I do''t think so. Tha''s now how that works. The Democrats are always point to the Republicans and blaming them for what they are doing. This is all very suspicious and i''s disgusting and disturbing the sheer hypocrisy coming from the Democrats.

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 2 months

The Democrats refused to accept the last result and started the whole process of unraveling confidence in the election process. It’s the Russians interfering, it’s white men forcing their wives to vote a certain way , it’s the electoral college system, not my president and of course partisan impeachment circuses. Even setting up this phoney “Office of the President Elect” is hardly conducive with a smooth transition of power and looks like a power grab to some. The Democrats May have won fair and square but 70 million voters need that to be demonstrated by transparent investigation of the claims being made otherwise. Only then can faith be restored in the process. Throwing insults and trying to rush a head will only fuel a very dangerous situation. If there is nothing to hide then get on and demonstrate so

Adaly 2 months

We need to make sure that the ballots were valid. I wish they would have figured that out on election day.

Delterra 2 months

I think he's actually scamming his supporters out of money to pay off his campaign debt and has no intention of actually staying in power.

Josh 2 months

Biden will be looking even dumber than usual when all of this "transition" is for nothing.

k0sen 2 months

Get that damn criminal scum out of the white house

Fjolnir 2 months

Anyone still supporting trump at this point has no excuse now, they are clearly facists. You can quibble and deny all you want, your candidate is litteraly using every lever he can to steal an election he lost (again) by millions of votes. If you are defending this you are part of his personality cult. Its not, "just politics" anymore. It never realy was.

Doug 2 months

Until the election is certified, this is meaningless. Even Bush didn't do all this while waiting for Gore to contest the Florida results.

JustMy.02 2 months

Well Joe, just make sure any deposits you put down on your transition plans are fully refundable. I have a feeling 2020 isn’t done slapping you around yet 😂

Jason 2 months

Bonus: Trump is also trying to undermine state and county rights to do what they want with the election. If an entire county wants to do what it wants, that’s their 10th amendment right since the federal government is constitutional abliged to piss off. That’s anti-republican to have the federal government intervein in anything; and Trump IS the federal government as of 1918 with Woodrow Wilsons emasculate injection of power over the federal governments power

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