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AP rubbishes claims of ties between election tech firm and Democrats

AP rubbishes claims of ties between election tech firm and Democrats

The Associated Press has reported that rumors spread online that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and the Clinton Foundation have interest or influence in Dominion Voting Systems are all unsubstantiated. Dominion Voting Systems supplies election equipment to Michigan and dozens of other states nationwide. The claim was used to prove election fraud.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 weeks

Discredited mefia hacks can't debunk anything. Their complicity in force-feeding a fake narrative around the election and covering their tracks while doing so is disgusting. The actual legal and constitutionally defined process must be followed. Why anyone would grasp onto BS coming from MSM as 'truth' is confirmation bias of a ridiculous magnitude.

Kaitlyn 2 weeks

Well, look at that, yet another q conspiracy is nothing but smoke.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 2 weeks

I didn’t even know this was an issue, and I Don’t even want to involve the company here, because rubbishing the votes tally as „Human error“ (as done by AP) is just wrong. Then we definitely need an investigation to sort out other possible „human errors“.

porcus 2 weeks

I do not think this is a Democratic conspiracy to steal the election; conspiracies on such a scale always fail and are always discovered. It is much more likely that the ballots were mishandled by single hyperpartisan individuals (which matches reports of these activities being limited to specific counties), or it is a software bug (and therefore very widespread, potentially). Either way these reports need investigated in order to silence any cries of sToLeN eLeCtIoNs in the future.

Dave 2 weeks

So this boils down to "one group says something, another group denies it" In essence: Right: "Fraud!" Left: "nuh-uh!" Right: "yuh-huh!"

Yuri bezmenov
Yuri bezmenov 2 weeks

"As it turned out, Dominion was not to blame, according to the Michigan Department of State. “There was no malice, no fraud here, just human error,” County Clerk Sheryl Guy told the AP." Lol human error.

Roper Alexandra
Roper Alexandra 2 weeks

And the conspiracies continue ? What next ? They added left over votes from 2016 ?

Marcos 2 weeks

It's not the media role nor has it the authority to judge the fraud allegations. If you are convinced that all the allegations of fraud are false it is just one more reason for you to accept and not to worry about the justice inquiries.

T_Chap 2 weeks

And the Q-cumbers continue their losing streak.

Epirus 2 weeks

So what if tech tried to hide the hunter biden story. Or google employees saying the that they will not let trump get elected in 2020 and much more. But this fact check from AP made me disbelieve my lying eyes.

Billy De
Billy De 2 weeks

They also call a state for a candidate without any of the votes counted yet. I'm glad this was brought to my attention, but I think I'll do my own research on the issue.

Burger 2 weeks

Perhaps conservatives should spend more time connecting with more voters instead of worrying about tinfoil hat conspiracy theories.

joshua 2 weeks

AP is also on every YT video that’s about the election saying AP called thy e election but PA was pulled from Hiden Biden

Adam 2 weeks

There's already documentation that's been released indicating that pelosi and feinstein are owners of Dominion voting Software. Not even sure why MSM has the balls to put this out. Anyone looking for that info has it

Ellen 2 weeks

Earlier AP reported it was a well organized smoothly run election. Strange. Sounds so good and it’s AP so it must be so. And anyway thinking anything else is just conspiracy.... Except- see- I’m not American, but I was intrigued. Came across a link giving access to the Michigan 2020 voter role Db. So I looked. And lo and behold in short order I came across four people who’d died in the 1980s. All registered to vote in 2020. I must get myself to the US I thought. There they can bring the dead back to life.... except I thought some more .... and realized no it isn’t a conspiracy theory. America has a crooked third world voting system. And that AP is just blowing smoke. As are the fact checkers. What AP reports is a pile of steaming fiction. And the people who believe it confirm the prejudice we have of the US. They’re not well educated.

Thomas 2 weeks

New York Times need to talk to the congressman in Michigan that won his seat after the 6000 vote tally was found. NYT = fake news. Associated press should be ashamed to print this as fact.

disck for me
disck for me 2 weeks

AP can go fuck itself. It's clear that if we want truth we'll have to find it ourselves

Josh 2 weeks

This story aside as I am not clear on all the facts. I am gonna make this simple, I am not an idiot and I am not biased to either side. So I am capable of looking at the facts and making an I formed decision myself. So can these fact checkers/news agencies leave me the hell alone and stop saying what is true or not. Cause there are many cases where they are wrong or partially wrong. Instead of telling people what is true or false help people to research and learn skills to discern the facts for themselves. Because above all this down right rude and just insulting

ttocsick 2 weeks

Conflict of interest, to put it mildly. Just like Buttegig's $150,000 investment in the counting software that was used in the Iowa caucuses...which he won

Anthony 2 weeks

Next on Q: Associated Press has tie with Demoncrats

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