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Hong Kong disqualifies 4 pro-democracy lawmakers after Beijing passes resolution

Hong Kong disqualifies 4 pro-democracy lawmakers after Beijing passes resolution

Hong Kong has disqualified four opposition pro-democracy lawmakers with immediate effect. The expulsion came shortly after Beijing passed a resolution allowing for the disqualification of lawmakers found to have supported the city’s independence. The new law allows the Hong Kong government to remove lawmakers without having to approach the courts.

Pj 2 months

America is different but liberals are trying to change that. Hong kong needs an armed conflict if it ever wants to return, it probably wont win but it is its only chance.

Martin 2 months

Here are the things Americans should do: 1. Wanting universal healthcare is not Socialism. Americe needs a better system to meet the needs of the health care needs of the public. What you currently have is not working. Other developed nations have solved this problem, America has no excuse. Australia for example is not a communist dictator state yet we have a good public healthcare syste, and we are less likely to become a dictatorship than the USA because of our good election system and high voter turnout. 2. Whether you are a conservative or from the left your biggest political goal should be to eliminate corporate control from politics. No more lobbying by big firms. To do this make a constitutional amendement limiting donations to political parties to 5% of the median income in USA per year. Probably around $5000 per citizen. Thereby kicking out corporations from the whirehouse. 3. Now that you have regained control of your government, amend the voting system to allow preferential voting. This insure s your vote isnt thrown away even if you vote for a less popular third party candidate. 4. Make voting mandetory which will greatly reduce the chance of a communist dictatorship forming. The higher the voting turnout the harder it is for an extremist left wing or right wing leader taking over by energizing a small group of people and using voter suppresion and other methods to retain power.

Addy 2 months

Disqualification of lawmakers found to have "supported the independence" of a city. Is that the definition of sedition?

Krešimir T.
Krešimir T. 2 months

Martin, universal healthcare is a socialist feature. USA's healthcare system is suboptimal to put mildly, at the same time, universal healthcare might not be an answer. Check Kraut's video on UH.

Cary Brown
Cary Brown 2 months

This is a communist dictatorship takeover of Hong Kong. I fear for the people there.

KeybladeMasterAndy 2 months

Free Hong Kong

O'Brien 2 months

The Biden transition team dress rehearsal.

Chad 2 months

America is no different now

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