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Pentagon sees flurry of resignations and replacements after Esper’s removal

Pentagon sees flurry of resignations and replacements after Esper’s removal

A slew of Pentagon officials resigned Tuesday, a day after President Trump fired Defense Secretary Esper and were quickly replaced with Trump supporters. Top policy official James Anderson, top intelligence official Joseph Kernan and Esper’s chief of staff Jen Stewart resigned. Among the replacements is retired Army Brig. Gen. Anthony Tata who called former President Obama a ’terrorist leader’.

Yoda 2 months

I'm not sure this is a bad thing. If the top guy who has been responsible for so much war is gone, and all the lackeys for whatever reason (probably busted doing illegal shit) quit along with him, it could definitely be a good thing, I just need to look into who these replacements are. Also calling Obama a terrorist isn't inacurate, since under him they funded multiple terrorist groups in order to allow them to wage illegal wars and coup countries.

Doug 2 months

So, the author is trying to make the point that Trump shouldn't replace those who are a hindrance to Trump's policies? Really? That opinion isn't even rooted in reality.

riheg 2 months

Obama did arm Al Qaeda in Syria and Yemen and also used ISIS in Syria to pressure Assad through genicide, so the general is not far off

Franklin 2 months

Why did they follow that obviously (Say It With Me!) "UNLAWFUL ORDER." They should have said, "I'll leave the office when Biden asks for my resignation."

Daniel 2 months

Is it me or is trump going after the deep state? If so win or lose this election i say he's the best president ever.

Vark 2 months

Rats always flee when danger arises.

Douggie 2 months

This is really bad!!!

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

All left sources shrilly 'reporting' nearlly the exact same story. Seems kinda odd doesnt it?

Rocky 2 months

Excellent. This should have happened 4 years ago.

David 2 months

Bye Felicia

michael 2 months

And thus a coup is born.

Doug 2 months

Newsvoice filters serious, legit Raw Story content like and as well as

Doug 2 months

Daily Beast's Ackerman says this is like Nixon's CREEP operatives, people to manufacturer scandal

Doug 2 months

Miller: Patel: Tata: Cohen-Watnick:

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