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Indian government to regulate online news, OTT platforms

Indian government to regulate online news, OTT platforms

India’s government has issued an order that brings regulation of online news websites and over-the-top content providers, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, under the authority of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in a first step to regulate digital media. Apart from news websites, news on social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, will also come under the ministry.

Jon 2 months

Keep a tight reign on them, Modi. They've destroyed America.

Adaly 2 months

All that is required here is a good VPN service. With thst, you can get around any restrictions. One must use a no logs VPN and a killbswitch if it is illegal to do so.

Indo 2 months

Thetesmuch more than just that. The do as I please attitudes need an eraser.

Yoda 2 months

"Ministery of Information" Really, need I say more?

Rocky 2 months

India sucks

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