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Multivitamins’ ’benefits’ are all in your head: Study

Multivitamins’ ’benefits’ are all in your head: Study

A new study by Harvard Medical School in Boston claims that the health ’benefits’ of multivitamins might just all be a trick of the mind. The study citing a comprehensive medical history revealed zero actual health differences between people who did or did not take multivitamins. Prior studies have found little evidence to support any benefit from multivitamins, the lead researcher said.

C 2 weeks

Since vitamins are natural substances and cannot be copyrighted, who would financially gain for them to be found helpful to humans? The pharmaceutical companies? I personally take vitamins by the advice of my doctor. I have much better energy and get sick way less often since I've been taking them

Yvonne 2 weeks

You just do not want us to stay healthy. Your answer is to use drugs instead. Noway buddy I will use vitamins for the rest of my life.

solodolo 2 weeks

To my knowledge, the vitamin industry for the most part is a scam. Vitamins are primarily for people whom for whatever reason have a deficiency, for example pregnant women because they are carrying life to term, or people who have preexisting conditions. Most people produce much of what is offered in vitamins naturally in their bodies, yet the vitamin industry generates billions of dollars annually from hard working americans

Omega 2 weeks

Cynical thought... could this be big pharma discouraging vitamin use to encourage prescription drug use (and profit for pharmaceutical companies)? I'm not much for conspiracy theories, but I thought that was an interesting possibility. Just look at the increase in sales of high sugar / low fat products on the market back in the 90's because big sugar companies financed studies to show that fat was all bad for you, but sugar was just fine!

Andrew 2 weeks

Of course the medical school will say that. Everybody should just follow Japan's health guidelines. Tax junk food and suplement healthy food so it's more affordable. N. America's (especially US) is all about taking drugs to fix their problems. Eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is everything. Don't patch the problem, attack it at its source. As a Canadian, I HATE paying into our wasted healthcare system. I'm paying for fat, lazy people who don't take care of themselves. Big joke.

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 2 weeks

Crap. Utter crap. I've seen the effect of vitamin D on heart failure. It can have the same effect on function as the most powerful meds we have. I'm sorry but this is tripe.

ConcealCarryProtect 2 weeks

You know what also is in your head? Addiction to opiates, and those are prescribed by doctors.

Outlaw 2 weeks

I don't understand this. If you have a poor diet, why would vitamins not help over no vitamins? If you are lacking, why wouldn't they help?

a person
a person 2 weeks

Vitamins are a hoax and always have been. You're body already has the necessary amount of vitamins needed unless you have a deficiency. If you have a deficiency that's different because you need to be diagnosed and prescribed medicine for it. Vitamins aren't really supposed to be used the way they are.

Cybil 2 weeks

Been taking multiple vitamins for years. Periodically articles like this one appear, I ignore them, I know from my own experience vitamins have kept me healthier, have never had to be on prescriptions.I don't care how many times they put out these kinds of articles, I plan on continuing my daily intake.

FactCheckerNeil 2 weeks

I've been watching this in the science news for years, they've had a huge problem trying to prove vitamin pills do anything for people who don't have some kind of medical problem. It seems they still are. From 2013...

Tony 1 weeks

Tumeric cured my rheumatoid arthritis inside a month. Doctor seemed almost annoyed it worked. Then its liquid vitamins for better absorption, which I can't say I notice any difference.

Jerry 2 weeks

Multi vitamins on the store shelf are probably a joke. This does not mean supplementation is placeboic.

Pj 2 weeks

Well I have proven for myself that one a day pills, "multivitamin" do help me with not having hangovers after a night of drinking. I have tested with and without. But like i said it is personal. I have not tested others.

Indo 2 weeks

Yes and a whole lotta others are on there as well. Only way to get em out is to get outta this planet. This heavily infested one.

Shamura 2 weeks

Of course they would say this, wouldn't want to make your immune system strong enough to fight covid on your own. Wouldn't want anyone claiming they're healthy enough to deny a vaccine.

Dan 2 weeks

I am sure they won't do a study on vaccines where they find its only in your head. Yea all the aluminum.

Lee 2 weeks

When the media have nothing to talk about they revert to pharma

Marc 2 weeks

This is truly a bummer

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 2 weeks

Yeah no kidding

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