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China sends manned submersible deep into Mariana Trench to draw ’treasure map’

China sends manned submersible deep into Mariana Trench to draw ’treasure map’

China sent a manned submersible to a depth of 10,909 meters in the Mariana Trench, close to the world record of 10,927 m. The submersible named ’Fendouzhe’, developed by China’s Institute of Deep-sea Science and Engineering landed on the Mariana Trench seabed at 8.12am on Tuesday. Xinhua reported a spokesman said high-tech diving equipment can help us draw a ’treasure map’ of the deep sea.

Dawlben 2 months

Also the Trieste at 10,911 meteres is deeper... Edit: It is the record for just China and nowhere else.

James 2 months

I thought Victor Vescove reached a depth of 10,927 meters last year.

J 2 months

Commie news network at it's finest for the click bait "race for deep sea resources". Injecting drama and op ed into a story about an achievement. Disgusting "news" source.

🤡🌐🙅🏿‍♀️ 2 months

Hmm, i see no military applications to this. surely just an academic mission 🤤 Beijing Biden probably got his son a job on the board of the PLA to fund this military mission.

Andrew Penny
Andrew Penny 2 months

Maybe they will discover a new virus down there

James 2 months

James Cameron went down to the Mariana Trench the first one ever that's Oscar Mayer hot dog couldn't go that far down not that big that's bulshit that's fake news James Cameron's capsule was like a pill small expensive Hi-Tech is anything James Cameron the first one ever just sat on the Mariana Trench bottom he gets all the recognition

Indo 2 months

Their love for wealth far exceeds their desire for all else. They been ever so.

Doug 2 months

So who's technology did the CCP steal to get this done?

Joe 2 months

Does CNN = Chinese News Network? Seems to speak favorably of CCP and PLA nowadays.

jott1234 2 months

They are just bored of eating normal land dwelling creatures.

Dave 2 months

They took the Oscar Mayer Wiener mobile to the bottom of the ocean?!

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