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Obama to appear in first post election interviews on Sunday

Obama to appear in first post election interviews on Sunday

Barack Obama is slated to appear in interviews with CBS News hosts on Sunday. This will be his first television appearance since news outlets projected that Joe Biden would emerge as the winner of the 2020 presidential election. CBS News announced that Mr. Obama would be interviewed by Gayle King for ’CBS Sunday Morning,’ while Scott Pelley will talk with the former president for ’60 Minutes.’

Arcadio 1 months

Hey now, the comments below mine show signs of ignorance or possibly, racial prejudice. Obama has been quiet for almost 4 years. He came out late in this past campaign to help Biden defeat one of the most dangerous men to have ever held the office of president. Trump is the true narcissist! He doesn't care about any of you or me, whatsoever. The US holds the record for the most corona virus cases in the world. Our death count is also the highest - and he has just fired the Secretary of Defense, the man who heads the project "Warp Speed;" just as we are heading into the worst wave of infections of the corona virus. That's how much he cares about you. He's carrying on like a petulant child denied his favorite toy. Goodbye and good rid dens! To all the commenters: wake up and smell the coffee!

Vark 1 months

This narccicist just can't help it. He has to be in the spot-light, and it helps the millions he might make from shady back-alley deals thanks to Biden.

WWIII 1 months

“We the people” don’t give AF what the worst president in history’s opinion is, he just wants to be in the spotlight like the attention who’re he is

Rocky 1 months

How can you have a post election interview when the election hasn't finished? By definition this would be a during election interview.

BlueGrover 1 months

@the last thing we need is an attention seeking, grandiose, ego maniac who lies constantly in the Nations Capital.

Glen 1 months

He just can't get enough of himself!

MrLoseddos 1 months

Not this fkker again...

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