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VP Mike Pence, head of coronavirus task force, has not attended calls since Sept

VP Mike Pence, head of coronavirus task force, has not attended calls since Sept

Politico reported that Vice President Mike Pence, head of the White House coronavirus task force has not participated in the weekly COVID planning call with all 50 governors. He set up the standing call when he began to lead the task force in March. Plans for him to vacation in Florida were announced earlier in the week but then cancelled. VP Pence joined President Trump at Veterans Day ceremony.

hooman of hoomanland
hooman of hoomanland 2 months

He’s is on vacation because it’s more smart to not be involved in the storm of fecal matter that is taking place. Like when you know someone is off the rails so instead of arguing or joining in you just leave the room.

Forsaken 2 months

Attentiin: Trumps preparing for a government take over. Prepare yourselfs

Rebecca 2 months

As a Hoosier, I can say that Pence was not a great governor of Indiana. While he has a calmer disposition than his boss, it doesn't surprise me that his priorities are skewed & he doesn't really meet the needs of the people.

Kyle G
Kyle G 2 months

Probably because COVID-19 is a lie.

Eric 2 months

And my boss just came back from a two week vacation....

porcus 2 months

So? Long re-election campaign, makes sense for a vacation before the 2nd term starts.

Dominyk 2 months

Yeah I wouldn’t be able to do it either Pence lol

Not Extreme
Not Extreme 2 months

Incompetent Trumptard

Jim 2 months

That’s where liberals want him correct

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