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State Dept. blocking messages from foreign leaders to Biden, claims report

State Dept. blocking messages from foreign leaders to Biden, claims report

As per a report by CNN, messages from foreign leaders to Joe Biden are reportedly sitting unread at the State Dept. as President Trump has blocked the new administration’s transition. Normally, the president-elect can tap into State Dept. resources to better log and translate communications between the incoming administration and world leaders.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 months

I'm sorry. Did I miss something? Is the election over? Did the votes get certified in a single state yet, much less all 50? Hillary didn't concede before the recounts in several states. Gore didn't concede until December. Why the rush to push Biden into an undecided conclusion? It reminds me of a football team hurrying to get the snap off before the officials can look at the replay. That usually means there is something they don't want you to see until it's too late. Hmmmm.

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

The electoral college has not voted yet. So. It stands to reason that he is not getting messages meant for the president elect.

IvoryDove 2 months

While the media has seemed Biden the "President-elect", the electoral college has not.

GreenMachine 2 months

1. The election isn't official over. 2. Given the recent history with Biden's family and foreign entities, do we really want him getting messages from other countries. 3. I'm sure the messages will still be there once the election is certified.

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 2 months

Biden missing very important messages from Ukraine China and Russia. Just give them back Hunters laptop so they can chat.

ToddBundy 2 months

Election is over people! Biden won HANDS DOWN. No recount will change that. Quit acting like a bunch of spoiled cry babies and use the same maturity the Dems used when Trump won. Be professional and act like adults. Insults n lies are not reality but the election results are

Eric 2 months

Without a certification Biden communicating with foreign leaders would technically be a violation of the Logan Act.

Rocky 2 months

Obviously. We don't want civilians dabbling in foreign policy. That is absolutely forbidden and illegal. If he gets confidential correspondence then so should I or anyone else that wants it. He is just plain old Jim Crow Joe at the moment (and hopefully forever).

The Troy Prouty
The Troy Prouty 2 months

He needs to be brought up to speed spoon. Several attacks to our Nation happen the first year of office. Intelligence is the center of stopping that. Although certifications are not all done. The budget allows for staffing of transfer for moments like this. There is no doubt Trump is going to lose.. His court cases are merit and certainly not enough to take 5 million votes. At best it would go to congress to confirm. I wouldn't be concerned a week out. But.. a month out I would certainly start being concerned. Trumps recent pentagon moves are very troubling as well.

Casual Historian
Casual Historian 2 months

“State Department officials told CNN. Former presidents and vice presidents are allowed to use the resource whenever they wish.” - CNN So basically, it’s not about Trump refusing to recognize Biden’s win. Whether Biden won or not he would usually have access to the State Department. Trump is just throwing a temper tantrum because he knows Biden beat him 😂

Phillip 2 months

This has to stop, he's the president elect of the United States. Let's stop playing games Mr. Trump.

lisa 2 months

He is not the president elect yet though.

Alyse 2 months

Trump is not only a child but putting American’s lives in danger by not giving Biden access for a smooth national security transition.

John W
John W 2 months

it hasn't stopped biden from his war plans and pro-war cabinet, He said Biden says he told foreign leaders "America is back" (to war) "I'm letting them know that America is back. We're going to be back in the game," Overview of Biden's prowar cabinet, full of defence contractors and war hawks. Phoney leftist will cheer,👏🍻🥂🎆 like they did under Obama. Were back to war baby! ht//s://www.cbsnews/com/live-upd/tes/biden-america-back-foreign-lea/ers/

David F
David F 2 months

So what, are we supposed to wait until Jan 6 when congress counts the electoral college votes to start the transition?

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 2 months


Arthur 2 months

Biden isn't president yet!

SmokeWizard 303
SmokeWizard 303 2 months

He’s not going to president. Fraudulent voting all over the country. Keep dreaming libtards, we’re not gonna just let you steal our country from us.

KKB1976 2 months

America is a joke

Francisco d'Anconia
Francisco d'Anconia 2 months

No worries, Hunter mediates with foreign entities on behalf of the "Big Guy."

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