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Judge to weigh bond for father, son in Ahmaud Arbery killing

Judge to weigh bond for father, son in Ahmaud Arbery killing

A judge in Georgia is scheduled to consider bond requests by a father and son jailed on murder charges in the February shooting of Ahmaud Arbery. Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael were to appear Thursday morning. The duo have also have asked the judge to reject two of the counts against them, including malice murder, saying they were charged in a legally flawed indictment.

Karlo 2 months

Both linked sites (abcnews, foxnews) contain the exact same text as the original Associate Press story. What is the value of adding one or more copies of the exactly same content? The left/right alignment is not applicable in these kind of cases.

Tim 2 months

You can't claim citizens arrest if you have no evidence of a crime being committed which both men already admitted to. You can't force a guy to stop that's technically kidnapping because your holding someone against their will sold don't let your foolishness add another charge to these men's already heinous crimes.

Rocky 2 months

Let the legally flawed indictment move forward. Acquittals are all, but guaranteed considering the ridiculous charges that are not supported by the evidence. When will these activist DAs learn you can't overcharge and win.

Nate 2 months

I hope they get the chair

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