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Reserve Bank of India says country is in recession for first time in history

Reserve Bank of India says country is in recession for first time in history

The Reserve Bank of India gave a bleak outlook on the country’s economy. In its first-ever ’Nowcast’ bulletin, which is an estimate based on high-frequency data, the RBI said GDP contracted 8.6% in the Q2 (July–September) of the current fiscal year and ’India has entered a technical recession in the first half of 2020-21 for the first time in its history.’ The economy had slumped by 24% in Q1.

Alex 1 months

News voice definitely isn’t being intentionally misleading with the notification “Country in recession for first time in history” only for it to be India

ronnie massart
ronnie massart 1 months

Thanks China

Mystery 1 months

First thought.. Internet security is tightening - Guess when the fraud call centres can't fund the country anymore, you got to hit the recession button.

Marcos 1 months

An economy with 1.2 billion people in recession is worrysome, and a não signal to the future.

Rev. Galas
Rev. Galas 1 months

It was a time of recession during initial phase of Covid but now everything is going well. I think after Diwali economy will be in top gear.

Ian.. 1 months

Jeez this app is really being intentionally misleading with its notifications.

dick 1 months

That's normal for growing economies. It just means India is moving up in the world stage.

KOAN. 1 months

The China virus has crippled the world

Indo 1 months

When in progression, recession is a normal thing. Recession that was not around because progression was not, is changing. The ups n downs of normal life.

oscar g
oscar g 1 months

If buy-den gets in just put this country and the world in to a depression

Asura Bomb
Asura Bomb 1 months

News Voice isnt what it used to be. I thought it was the U.S for a minute. Yeah, it might be time to leave this site behind.

ken taro
ken taro 1 months

"for the first time in history" should have given it away but you know... HoW DaRe tHiS ApP mAkE mE WaNt tO oPeN iT

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