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Trump wants to ’clobber Fox News’ with his own rival platform, report says

Trump wants to ’clobber Fox News’ with his own rival platform, report says

Axios, citing unnamed sources, reported that President Donald Trump has told his friends that he wants to start a digital media company to ’clobber’ Fox News. Trump was enraged after Fox News made an early call of President-elect Biden’s win in Arizona. The report said Trump is considering a digital channel that would stream online and would be cheaper and quicker to start than a cable network.

Trevor 2 months

I for one encourage this. I'm not even a Trump fan I hope he stays a thorn in the right wings side and even runs in 2024 because it's gonna cause chaos for the "nice" republicans(think Romney) and any aspiring candidate has no chance to win against him if he runs again!

E n
E n 2 months

I'm sure this will just as successful as Trump university.

kinG 2 months

Great! Another failed business adventure that he can claim that he made "billions" off of... It's just going to be a TV network for his QANON and Breibart zombies to watch and he's just going to lie about the ratings.

Rocky 2 months

DO IT! Hire actually unbiased reporters and root out bias in every story put forward through rigorous editing. The people deserve it!

Elaine 2 months

Well with all that, what is it $64 million, in the new fundraiser to fight the bad Democrats voter fraud, when the taxpayers are already paying for this extremely expensive process, because Trump's lackey, Bill Barr put the DOJ on the job. There is a reason why the courts didn't want Trump, or his sons, involved in charity's, because they stole money from kids with cancer, and vets. This is the new Trump grift, with the help of Republicans, and this money will go right into Trump's pockets. I find it hysterical, and extremely pathetic all at once. Don't donate to this guy people, because we are already paying for it.

Frank 2 months

He should. He will blow all his supporter's money on it just like NRA-TV did. You don't think he is going to use his own money do you? Trump TV will be one of his worse ideas. It would be anyone's worse idea just so you can get back at the media for making you look bad for reporting on your bad behavior. I sure hope he does start his own network and I hope all the real journalists stop reporting on him. I am sick of the media being being about Trump for 24/7 for four long years

TexasReb 2 months

I can't wait to see it at least. I don't think that he can come up with the money but I'd love to see a mainstream channel like ABC, CBS or NBC be bought up and converted.

William 2 months

Sign me up!

Omega 2 months

IMO It will be more like one of the religious channels than a source of news. Facts won't get in the way of the truth, where truth = Trump's beliefs. And imagine the turnover rate at a "news" business owned by Trump!

Not Extreme
Not Extreme 2 months

Hahaha, Narcissist, lies from the multiple Bankruptcy molester. Only rubes/deplorables will watch his news that will never happen.

alohapah 2 months

Trump desperate for ideas to generate cash is searching for another platform to tell them like it isn't! He's the very definition of fake news!

Level 2 months

All the signs are there. Attempting a coup by circumventing both the democratic and electorate vote, firing all who do not comply with his dictates, praising authoritarians in other countries while insulting and demeaning 1st world democracies in Europe and cutting ties with them, insulting our military veterans and saying he has more knowledge than our generals, sending his Gestapo in to states that he considers his opposition, and now he's attempting to make his own STATE propaganda media. People who defend him and support him on the right are just the new "Good Germans" and are, like they were, on the wrong side of history.

porcus 2 months

Good! Fox news needs to be challenged for the centrist demographics. They are every bit as bad as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, etc.

Cory 2 months

Hell I'd watch it. Give it a chance at least. With how much msm lies it would probably be an upgrade

William 2 months

I hope we eventually get another"REAL" News Network in America. You know unbiased, open minded, fair and investigative reporting. Not like the c r a p they spoon 🥄 feed the brainwashed younger generation ($) whom believe that things must be true because their teachers ca''t lie and the media ca''t lie so it must be true.....O P E N U P YOUR EYES 👀👀👀

The Big Dawg
The Big Dawg 2 months

If he's smart, this could be a great opportunity to have a built in mascot. Call it the Make America Great Again News Network, or MAGANN, and you can have an animated lady called Megan, like Erin from eSurance or whatever it was.

Christopher 2 months

Biden is NOT "elect" of anything. The media is not a 4th branch of government and has no right in saying a candidate is elected when there is an ongoing election, recounts, and investigation of instances of reported voted fraud.

Dave 2 months

Well he has 70 million potential voters I suppose. But this sounds like someone wanting to get the only right wing major news program left to turn on Trump, so they can blanket indoctrinate the country with fake news.

Phillip 2 months

Trump will be indicted the minute he's not the president so he's going to have his hands full and most likely will be in prison.

Alt nothing
Alt nothing 2 months

Trump supporters, on this app, have always insisted they never watch Fix Newd. Trump should skip the setting up a TV station and go straight to TV evangelism. Him and his Cult would be at home.

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