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Senator Lindsey Graham donates $1M to help Georgia Senate candidates

Senator Lindsey Graham donates $1M to help Georgia Senate candidates

Senator Lindsey Graham announced that he was donating $1 million to Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in order to make sure they have the resources to ’combat a tsunami of liberal money about to sink Georgia.’ The Senator said he would make the donation from his own campaign. Graham had managed to raise $108 million for his successful campaign for reelection.

Tom A
Tom A
IvoryDove 2 months

Here's a wild idea.... Limit campaign donations to registered voters in the district of the candidate. Limit the amount of money to $5000 per person per race. Get rid of outside influences, corporations, unions and PACs.

Conor 2 months

So he was begging for $ during his Senate race, he was crying, he lied to his donors and is now giving this $ to trump and that why his supporters gave him donations..hmmm..another Republican griping off hard working but let's be honest gullible/delusional americans of their hard earned cash

Rocky 2 months

A lot of big politicians are committing heavily to this one. Andrew yang one of my favorite democrats I heard he was even popular among republicans is moving to Atlanta and campaigning there. I heard barak obama and bunch of people are going to make an effort to registers black and brown voters. This senate race is huge if the democrats win both seats they win the senate wh ch is huge it will enable the biden administration to do what it wants without McConnell blocking everything. Which I think we kinda need america is in a bad position due to china being an ass whole many people don't have health care in the midst of a pandemic which is known to have hurt minority communities especially in cities more then other communities some say because it is harder to afford health care for people living in cities. Anyhow this race is huge u could either be cheering for republicans to maintain the senate or cheering for them to lose it. I want them to lose it cuz I wanna see what a biden administration can actually do I don't want another obama administration that promises us so much and accomplishes nothing.

Black jack
Black jack 2 months

Hang on, where did a politician get 1 million bucks? F'n hypocrites.

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