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Civilians ’hacked to death’ in Ethiopia’s Tigray as fighting rages, Amnesty says

Civilians ’hacked to death’ in Ethiopia’s Tigray as fighting rages, Amnesty says

Amnesty International said dozens of civilians have been hacked to death in Ethiopia’s Tigray region where federal troops are engaged in a bloody conflict with forces of local leaders. The rights watchdog blamed a local militia – Tigray People’s Liberation Front – for the killings, which it said took place two days ago. Already, the fighting killed hundreds and sent thousands of refugees in Sudan.

Tim 2 months

And you wonder why people call you racist. Read the article the people being slaughtered are being slaughtered by the opposition. The people being slaughtered wanted a free and democratic government. They were being slaughtered because they wanted something different than they had and that's not backwards that's just a fascist totalitarian regime putting down dissidents. Eerily reminiscent of what trump is trying to do now. That is if he had his way

Montgomery 2 months

I love how tyramts use names to make them seem innocent. In this case we have a Peoples Liberation Front hacking civilians to bits..... And we have Democratic Republic of Korea being a dictatorship.... And we have ANTIFA being fascists.... Now we only need a Kill All Humans party that creates world peace and prosperity ...

Candy 2 months

Nothing here boys, how about you head on over to that loser .com story!

Indo 2 months

They still love be in ancient civilization worlds. This is what they were still doing upto a few hundred years ago. Bonehead territories. Dru as bones.

Gnaw Maul
Gnaw Maul 2 months

Everybody was kung fu fighting.

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