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In book, Obama says ’Americans spooked by black man in White House led to Trump’

In book, Obama says ’Americans spooked by black man in White House led to Trump’

Former US President Barack Obama, in his memoirs – ’A Promised Land,’ wrote Donald Trump ’promised an elixir for the racial anxiety’ of ’millions of Americans spooked by a black man in the White House.’ Lashing out to the GOP, Obama wrote those Americans were prey to ’the dark spirits that had long been lurking on the edges of the modern Republican party – xenophobia, anti-intellectualism …’

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 1 months

Typical leftist method. Instead of accepting criticism and working on problems you just claim it on stuff like racism. Also everyone attacking me for this comment is an ableist zenophobe

Joe 1 months

Did he mean to say, “Americans spooked by socialism and massive government overreach led to trump?”

Lord Baktor
Lord Baktor 1 months

It wasn't the color of your skin, Barack, it was the content of your character that spooked them. Also Hillary was the other candidate...

Anony 1 months

No, not at all. I voted Trump in '16 because I was sick of Washington's shit and I wanted to throw them a middle finger. Also Hillary was the other "choice" and that would have been awful.

No Affiliation
No Affiliation 1 months

Thank you former president Obama for continuing to divide this country with these obsurd claims. People may blame Trump, and he isn't free of blame, but Obama was the main contributing factor to the current racial conflict in our country. The lack of respect he has for America and its people is appalling.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 1 months

If that was the case you wouldn't have won a second term (or even a first) lmao, were where all these racists in 2008 and 2012?

Property 1 months

Oh yeah, that's why you won twice. A man elected by the American People to be president playing the race card is dumb. You are the 1%, shut up

#Resist 1 months

Nope. Obama embraced the "hands up don't shoot" lie that gave rise to the BLM terrorist organization. Obama's failure to denounce the lies that fueled growing racism against 'Whites' during his presidency is what led to President Trump.

Fatman in Paradise
Fatman in Paradise 1 months

No, we just don't like people telling us crap that isn't true: You didn't build that; You can keep your doctor; There'll be a fair election; You put half of America in what I call the basket of deplorables; etc

edwin 1 months

No, pretty it was a mix of too many broken promises to minorities, too many failed democratic policies, and last but certainly not least, Hillary

dick 1 months

I was far less worried about his skin tone than about NAFTA and fast and furious type things.

Jack 1 months

The same intellectuals that support systemic racism and gender theory? Give me a break. The people that come out of universities seem less intellectual than the people who take online courses.

JustMy.02 1 months

I find it interesting that this clown was nowhere to be found for almost 4 years while the Democrats ranted on about the illegitimacy of a President. Apparently he didn’t feel that was harmful to America. And after looking deep into where my soul used to be I don’t find any those things “lurking”. I just don’t like being called a racist. Which from what I gather is further proof of my racism.

Jim 1 months

This is the typical race baiting BS America appears to have voted for. I have no choice who to support given I have no democrats that ever run in my area that are against abortion, high taxes, nationwide shut downs, Iaw and order or parameters on government handouts. Everyone of them support abortion, high taxes/fees, loan forgiveness, racial quotas, anti police messaging and shut downs. Tell me libs do you go out and vote for republicans just to balance your bias or do you vote for the people who implement your policy positions ? I vote Republican because they implement my policy positions - you give me no options

Private 1 months

Spooked? LMFAO He's such a racist.

Jon 1 months

I mean, after the glitter wore off and people realized that Hope was in vain and change just means "different but not better", the people looked at our first black president and race relations took a massive leap backwards. Obama was voted in because the nation was ready to believe that a person's skin color didn't matter, and when he left he had managed to make the nation doubt itself on that. We'll get past you, Barack, despite you.

Connor 1 months

He's an idiot. Can't even entertain the idea that it was because he was a garbage president so people wanted real change.

Mikey Likes It
Mikey Likes It 1 months

That claim would be less ridiculous if he was a one term president and wouldn't have had a big victory in his 2nd campaign. Did they suddenly realize he's black after 8 years?

Jim 1 months

And yet again the people who preach unity do what they can to promote division. Wonder if Obama can write a book about math ? He can start out with how many times he was elected (2, unquestionly by the way - no fraud claims), then he can tell us how many times he could have been elected (2), then he can tell us the % make up of African Americans in this country (13-17% depending on whose talking), and then explain how anyone gets elected without whites voting for them given that whites are 62 to 70% of the country. Challenging the election is one thing but acting like you weren’t even elected at all is delusional BS which is sad coming from a Harvard educated constitutional attorney who was a man of the people, such as Obama, he literally just demeaned his own elections and presidency. Especially given the fact that we are on the verge of electing the first black and woman VP, did whites vote for Kamala ? Or was that the 13% blacks also ?

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 months

So the black man that was elected to the highest post, in the top nation.....twice! is playing the race card?

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