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China extends congratulations to Biden

China extends congratulations to Biden

China’s foreign ministry said on Friday that it extended congratulations to US projected president-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris. This comes in spite of President Trump having refused to concede. ’We respect the choice of the American people. We extend congratulations to Mr Biden and Ms Harris,’ a foreign ministry spokesman said.

O'Brien 2 months

Congratulating him on HOW he won the election.

Jerry 2 months

Biden, China, Money, and Little Biden, I wonder how much China has on our New President. The Bidens derived their wealth politically. I bet China, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico were disbelieving of America's bufoon choice.

Jerry 2 months

Suuure they really respect. The Chinese didn't want to look to anxious. Now they have their beholding chump in office.

edwin 2 months

Hahaha... since when has China respected the opinion of a populace in any country? Also, the election isn't done, so they can keep their traps shut.

Beercorn 2 months

The Chinese government should be happy if Biden gets elected. Obama and Biden were both extremely easy on China and gave them tons of free passes they didn’t deserve. The last thing they want is for the U.S. to have a president like Trump who will actually put his foot down.

Fred V
Fred V 2 months

China congratulate Biden on the election that they bought and paid for for him. That should be with the headline reads. Also, I find it funny that they congratulated Harris, even though they have a long-standing history of blatant racism. Look up Star Wars in China.

Michael 2 months

The trumps ties with China has paid off, but he still owes money to China and Russia. Orange man is scared, haha

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

They don't call him Beijing Biden for no reason. TRUMP was the first to end China ripping us off. Hopefully the Supreme Court stops the steal or this economy will tank, be never ending lock down then Boogaloo 2

Patrick 2 months

Careful what you wish for... Social credit is right around the corner.

David 2 months

China is very happy now they won't have fly caravans of people to Ecuador to come in through our southern border, they can fly them right to New York.

Arthur 2 months

The electoral collage has yet to vote biden is not the president elect till that happens!

Mike Clark
Mike Clark 2 months

Buy you're Chinese stock, going to shoot up now. But be aware there is a small chance that Trump's lawsuits add or remove votes. If Trump is declared president from this, those stocks will plummet. I. E. Biden is pro-CCP manufacturing, he likes feeding Pooh bear American lunches, so his donors can profit.

William 2 months

LMAO bought and paid for Biden.... China is so happy.... now they can go back to dealing with one of their puppets..

James T Kirk
James T Kirk 2 months

China deserves nothing but being blockaded.

Quix Nix
Quix Nix 2 months

not concerning AT ALL

C 2 months

Of course! Finnaly they can have influence again!

Eric 2 months

China, respect and people all in the same sentence!

QPJ 2 months

China's happy to have Beijing Biden in the White House so they can renew the influence they had when the "crack Hunter" sold them a sitting VP when Joe worked for Obumbles.

Tin Ego
Tin Ego 2 months

Yeah I bet they do

Indo 2 months

Yes and then we can all close our eyes on the war. And go back to same ole same ole nonsense !?

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