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After Jeddah attack, Saudi crown prince vows to hit extremists with ’iron fist’

After Jeddah attack, Saudi crown prince vows to hit extremists with ’iron fist’

After a bomb attack targeting a gathering of diplomats at the Saudi port city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman vowed to strike extremists with an ’iron fist.’ He said this during an address to the Shura Council, the top government advisory body, a day after Wednesday’s attack. The Islamic State has claimed to have carried out the attack.

Goi 2 months

Except your stupid Wahhabi doctrine is what is creating the extremists MBS.

Indo 2 months

You see how you get real proper attention to an endless vicious cycle !? Never fails when you hit their right spots. Now we wait n see if they are just all talk.

Jerry 2 months

Hard to believe the story that IS struck their Saudi masters.

Jon 2 months

Religion of peace.

Omega 2 months

A bit off topic... But I read the headline as JEDI Attack!

William 2 months

This is simply a result of countries thinking Botboy Biden is the next US President.,... not worrying about the US military as he and his handlers will allow for the slaughter of millions.....he will certainly slash the military that Trump tried to rebuild and re-equip. PS Botboy Biden won't last, Harris will be President before the next election.

FactCheckerNeil 2 months

I've heard that one before...

R 2 months

Did they end up actually taking delivery of all those weapons systems that Trump made such a circus out of by pointing them all out on a big posterboard in front og MBS? If so, hitting back will be a mess for those so called extremists.

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