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Trump claims 2.7 million votes cast for him were deleted

Trump claims 2.7 million votes cast for him were deleted

In a tweet Thursday, President Trump claimed that 2.7 million votes cast for him in the election were ’deleted’ by the Dominion Voting Systems. Trump cited a report by One America News Network (OANN), claiming that 221K Pennsylvania votes switched from Trump to Joe Biden and 941K Trump votes were deleted in that state alone. The OANN report has not provided evidence of this claim.

Zachary 2 months

A problem easily solved by auditing and hand counting every single ballot. Prove the vote, however it went down.

John Keller
John Keller 2 months

Trump is the one making the accusation. It's up to him to provide evidence to support the accusation.

cledge fenrir
cledge fenrir 2 months

If this ends up being half way true How many more votes were flipped over the years and how many local elections have been called for the wrong people

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 2 months

Its so tragic while hilarious that republicans will believe there is widespread fraud without any evidence. Its weird being told a complete lie and trying to find ways to make it true rather then just accepting thats its a lie. Very cultish behavior.

Shenanigans 2 months

Hey Trump those still wouldn't be enough for you to have won. Also Mr. Trump all those Americans that died from Covid-19 because of your lack of leadership for a national standard to fight Covid-19 might have voted for you but we'll never know

wil 2 months

This one is just like Hunter Biden. Immediate censorship(Twitter , YouTube channel demonization,etc). Hunter Biden laptop was true. This is probably also true. The media also lied about the postal worker recanting and he has put out video saying he doesn't. The polls were lies etc... It's sad if anyone trust s the reports denying. They only say no fraud and incorrectly list sources. Shame on spreading mainstream propaganda.

jay 2 months

Taking “information” from conspiracy theory central, is a true sign of desperation. The eco of prison bars haunts him every day. He can’t lie his way out of this one.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 2 months

“Meanwhile Mr Trump’s claim that 2.7 million votes had been stolen from him by the machines, remains unsubstantiated. Fact-checking website Politifact said the claims was based on an OANN report that stated it had “unaudited analysis of data obtained from Edison Research”. Edison Research is a company that contracts with the National Election Pool, a consortium of American news organisations, to provide exit polling data during election cycles. The company said it has not found data that back up OANN’s report or Mr Trump’s tweet. Politifact said the claim is “inaccurate and ridiculous” “Edison Research told us they have found no evidence of voter fraud. Dominion, state election officials and federal officials say there’s no evidence that millions of votes were miscounted,” it stated.” More dangerous, unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud from Trump. This authoritarian needs to stop damaging our democracy and his cult needs to stop enabling it!

Mikey Likes It
Mikey Likes It 2 months

Question: Why is it that NOT ONCE have I been able to add a link from Dailywire and yet I see links from motherjones?

James 2 months

Of course OANN hasn't provided any evidence - they are a fringe channel reporting conspiracy theories to get a rise out of their viewership. Always full of theories and allegations but short on substance and evidence. Just another National Enquirer, at best.

DikotamousRex 2 months

The problem will be unburning all those Trump ballots

Zero 2 months

Lmao... anyone who still believes any of Trump's outlandish and bizarre lies and conspiracy theories at this point I assume are the same people who believe that vaccines cause autism, covid 19 isn't real and lizard people walk among us.

Prodigal Liberal
Prodigal Liberal 2 months

It's not absurd to believe the real President. We've known Smartmatic for years in the Philippines. Just didn't know they were tied up to Dominion. We knew it had ties to some Latin American country as a supplier of voting machines and systems too. We witnessed how Smartmatic changed the results of an election after a 'MIDNIGHT UPDATE' over a 'glitch' in May 2016. Code was uploaded and a vice president lost his lead in a few hours. Hence the pattern repeating itself in the US elections is just too coincidental. It would be easy to just insert a code that counted a few votes the other way. If the US is really intent on an honest election election system Codes should be opensource and published nationally for programmers to audit. Also, code must be frozen before and after the election. Without that, I would venture to say Trump REALLY won. We should not supplement artificial intelligence and computer reliance for human sense and human logic.

Csaba 2 months

Our election process must be looked into. You can say there is thievery, fraud, malicious intent in just about all walks of life. Your telling me the election process is immune to any of that! Come on lose your TDS and open your eyes!

Laura 2 months

Why isn't what he claims in court the same as what he claims in tweets?

Luke 2 months

Reality inconvenient? Just make up lies. That's worked all Trump's life. Need to make sure it does not work here.

Anatole 2 months

In a tweet on Friday tump posted that he was the king of Jupiter and that his people would be here to take over soon. His fans promptly believed him despite the complete and utter lack of evidence.

Blarpus 2 months

Haha Trump is the whiniest loser of all time. 2.7 million votes? Go ahead and take them, you still need twice that to make up the difference. You got landslided into being a 1 term president, now go cry in your corner.

Omega 2 months

You guys do realize that almost half of America is pro Trump, even in "democratic" states, right? Therefore, about half the ballot counters were probably pro-Trump. Furthermore, out of any two people tabulating and calculating the total ballots, one is likely to be pro-Trump. Don't you think we would be hearing from the people actually counting / tabulating the ballots if there was widespread fraud in any given state?

hooman of hoomanland
hooman of hoomanland 2 months

So when the counting is done and the winner is unchanged, it’ll be a big waste of tax dollars and economic resources because egos got in the way.

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