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Sanders assails ’corporate Democrats’ for attacking progressive policies

Sanders assails ’corporate Democrats’ for attacking progressive policies

Bernie Sanders tore into his ’corporate’ colleagues who have blamed progressive policies for their spate of losses in the 2020 election. In an op-ed for USA Today, Sanders wrote: ’With the blame game erupting, corporate Democrats are attacking so-called far-left policies, like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, for election defeats in the House and the Senate. … They are dead wrong.’

michael 2 months

Considering that progressives not only didn't lose any seats but actually gained seats while the corporate dems lost seats, yeah, I think those policies might be winners.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 months

Gee Bernie it's almost like these corporate do nothing Democrats like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were using you in order to win and everyone else told you that was going to happen, and yet you still bent the knee to Joe Biden

John W
John W 2 months

He can still talk after all the boot licking? You sold out to the war machine, you are a millionaire, why complain now?

Seekster 2 months

Um Bernie you sold out. What did you think was going to happen? Americans don't want socialist policies, never have and never will. If the Democratic Party cares about its own survival they will kick the leftists to the curb.

ben 2 months

Just figuring this out, Bern? You clearly are not the sharpest tool in the shed...maybe another soviet honeymoon?

ben 2 months

Poor Poor Bernie. You sold out your country (again) for a smile and wink from Joe and now look at you...Karma is a fickle mistress mate.

Mark 2 months

Most Dems don’t want to defund the police and BLM. It’s sad that we’ve been branded alongside with the extremist nut jobs like AOC. If it weren’t for their shenanigans we wouldn’t have lost seats and may have even taken the senate.

Oliver Biscuit
Oliver Biscuit 2 months

Why is this pinko allowed to be a Democrat?

Jerry 2 months

Now Bernie! When you should have manned your guns, you surrendered.

John W
John W 2 months

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bobby_5150 2 months

OMG, Bernie. You haven't even had time the wipe the KY off your brown eye, and you're getting ready to grease up again?

Tommy 2 months

But the polling shows that people don't want far left policies broadly

David 2 months

I mean you knew this was going to happen right?

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