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New York to adopt more COVID-19 restrictions

New York to adopt more COVID-19 restrictions

New York City may soon be adopting more COVID-19 restrictions in order to tackle the pandemic. Already, bars and restaurants are being asked to close by 10 PM. Mayor Bill de Blasio has also warned that schools in the city could close as early as Monday.

Idkman 2 months

They really shouldn't have elected a Boston Redsox fan as mayor. NYC is filled with uninformed voters

Steve 2 months

I recommend leaving if they can't be voted out. Can't be VOTED out, mmmm, makes you wonder. How can people doing stupid shit, pissing everone off, destroying lives, CAN NOT be voted out. The used to just not give us a choice, now, they just tweak the numbers.

John W
John W 2 months

Don't fear of course it will be full-on long-term nationwide lockdowns.

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