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Justice Alito takes aim at gay marriage, COVID-19 restrictions

Justice Alito takes aim at gay marriage, COVID-19 restrictions

Supreme Court judge, Justice Samuel Alito, has said that the inability of people to say, without fear of being branded as bigots, that marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman is threatening to make freedom of speech ’a second-tier constitutional right.’ In his address to the Federalist Society, Alito also slammed COVID-19 measures as ’unimaginable restrictions on individual liberty.’

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 2 months

Good for him. I hope to see more leaders and politicians coming out and standing up for religous freedoms. It's a sad day we live in where the media slanders and silences religion so much.

Canadian Thought
Canadian Thought 2 months

Takes aim at abortion rights? Did you sprain anything with that stretch?

IvoryDove 2 months

The New York Times refers to John Roberts as a "conservative". LOL. Some day in the future, government professors will teach their students about "Judicial Review" (Marbury v Madison - Where the court asserted its ability to review laws) and "Judicial Revision" (Sebelius - Where John Roberts asserted the court's authority to rewrite laws)

Terry 2 months

This is fake news. Only a leftist idiot could ever interpret what Alito said in this way.

Edward 2 months

Hard to know on this one. Though I agree with much of what he “apparently” said, it is my belief that judges of any persuasion should not have public political opinions.

Jim 2 months

This is the next chapter in our country’s downfall, Justices will start giving lectures concerning their personal thoughts on issues, the thoughts will be as varied as their overall rulings and we will just have 9 ( or 30 if democrats pack) new voices in the old arguments. Why don’t we just dissolve this country and call it a good try ? Nobody can speak freely anymore anyway

Alan 2 months

News flash man that's as old as sand doesn't understand the modern world and how to respect people, later the old man was caught shouting at the moon as asking were the slaves were

ben 2 months

100% Justice Alito is entitled to his opinions

Tammy 2 months

Just trying out your App today. If this is an example of nonpartisan, fact based news. Might delete the app tonight.

Connor 2 months

Freedom of speech also includes the freedom to criticize religious ideas.

J 2 months

He'll croke before any real changes.

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