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Judges rule against Trump campaign in 6 Pennsylvania cases and favorably in 2

Judges rule against Trump campaign in 6 Pennsylvania cases and favorably in 2

Two Pennsylvania judges, on Friday, tossed out a total of six cases challenging absentee ballots brought forward by President Trump’s re-election campaign. The rulings come after Trump’s campaign lost other battles in Michigan and Georgia. It did, however, win a case after a Pennsylvania appellate court ordered a small number of ballots be tossed from people who did not provide ID by a deadline.

Marcin 2 months

And with that, reality sinks in and Trump’s theatrical exit begins its final act.

The Troy Prouty
The Troy Prouty 2 months

The majority of cases have proven little to nothing. Here is a small overview and court papers on some.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 months

Not much of a setback and was ruled properly. I'm concerned about fraud, not envelope mistakes. If there is enough fraud discovered to swing the election, good, but it shouldn't be decided on a technicality, even if it gets decided the way I want it to.

LogCabinPublicanLoglayer 2 months

Big shock and surprise that these lawsuits didn’t “succeed” when the actual lawyers for the Tramp campaign had to admit in court that they weren’t actually alleging any fraud happened (because court is different than the cable news theatrics tramp fans suck down, and you can’t just lie to amp up your toothless supporters). I strongly dislike Biden, but my cup overflows with Repub tears right now and it’s AMAZING

DarkDayz 2 months

Wow, I really should not be surprised by the total denial of facts. This is why the country is doomed. If there was voter fraud any American would be thankful it was found and those commiting it would be prosecuted. To continue to hold to that narrative even when the vast majority of fraud accusations have been debunked and shown to be outright lies is just plain ignorance. One case has been won in court and that was for watchers to move closer during the count. 6’. That’s the one that was won. The dead voters in ga. Debunked. Simple check. Use your own sources. I don’t even want to mention any because that may give the uneducated ones reason to say it’s fake news. JUST BECAUSE YOU DONT LIKE, AGREE OR UNDERSTAND DOES NOT MAKE IT FAKE, FALSE OR UNTRUE. SNAP OUT OF IT. ITS OVER. HE LOST. BY MORE THAN 6,000,000,000 votes and 306 to 232 electoral votes. Let’s move forward please.

ToddBundy 2 months

Its important that everyone knows that money donated to Trumps campaign defenses fund is being used to payoff his personal debt. Dont let Trump rob you of your hard earned money. Let him rot in the same cells he locks children in.

King 2 months

Since 2016 Trump said the election was rigged (he won) and since then he's done absolutely nothing to "fix" the "rigged" system and Moscow Mitch did everything to block any bill meant to fix or provide funds for States to fix this "faulty" system... And now... Here we are... The snowflake is melting and I'm laughing at all this karma

Stacey 2 months

Time for Trump to get over it. He lost, rip the bandaid off, concede and finally act like a man. Show some class for a change...

Harmless 2 months

A lot of whataboutism on this app citing 2016 voter fraud allegations by DNC... but, uh, it was Trump that alleged voter fraud in 2016 not Hilary. In fact Trump vowed to investigate 2106 voter fraud despite winning. His investigation came up empty then too. Are you conflating the 2016 foreign disinformation campaigns with fraud? These are different claims. Google “Cambridge Analytica” - there was no reason to allege voter fraud, the votes were real, they were just based on massive, strategic, targeted advertising and propaganda to influence the vote - guess it worked a little too well.

David 2 months

Of course. Everyone who could fog a mirror could see that these were frivolous lawsuits. Some folks are okay with deceitful narratives so long as they keep the delusion alive.

Steve 2 months

Odd the "Stop the Fraud" is actually a company setup by among others as Roger Stone.

Jim 2 months

Uh the headline says he won 2 victories what was the other one aside from the one that was minimized. BTW the one they did win may be the one that blows the case wide open in the Supreme Court, research why the judge threw out those small amount of ballots that she did .

MIDESSA 2 months

It's amazing what just a couple of points below 111 can do to people's ability to rationalize. I find it quite enjoyable, seriously thanks so much. Now to anyone above 111 read your history books nothing new going on here.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 2 months

Nor surprised when a lawsuit doesn't hold up bcs u have no evidence in of what you are spewing our of your weasley mouth.

Kevin 2 months

Boy can not wait for the electric airplanes, trains, eighteen wheelers, cargo ships with free charging stations everywhere, capturing cows farts, never having to go get fuel, never having to pay a doctor, never having to pay taxes to the government because everything will be free to all equally, no cops,firemen, no armies, no guns, free educations for all, no money needed everything will be a credit, no more wars because energy will be free for all to use....utopia yippee

Lamar 2 months

Bye bitch sometimes people get tired of the show. Look, NY will give U a lot of time in a court room cause they know U like that shit.

Doug 2 months

Please let the SCOTUS go ahead and rule on all of this so we can put this behind us. We all know its headed to there anyway. Stop wasting time.

Larry 2 months

Wait a minute, you're telling me that a NATIONWIDE hotline asking for evidence of fraud has not provided any substaintuated evidence of the massive fraud the president claims?

The Troy Prouty
The Troy Prouty 2 months

karma 2 months

Do the election over... I want to vote for Trump again

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