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Iran denies al Qaeda leader was killed within its borders

Iran denies al Qaeda leader was killed within its borders

Iran has denied reports that an al Qaeda commander who masterminded the 1998 US embassy bombings was gunned down within its borders. This came after reports indicated earlier that Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah was allegedly killed on Aug. 7 by Israeli operatives working on behalf of the US. Iran claims no al Qaeda ’terrorists’ were living in its country.

Jerry 2 months

Of course there is no al Qaeda in Iran. Shia Iran does not harbor Wahhabi al Qaeda. Wahhabi kills Shia. If more Americans knew some simple truths, they wouldn't be so easily fooled.

C 2 months

The truth is Iran is a terrorist state hated by all whom suffer under it. This FACT shows how weak their illegitimate leaders are, the ones whom forced themselves on everyone and are still there. Americans and Israelis (and many others) can do anything they want inside that country and these people KNOW this and must hide this truth from everyone, otherwise thier true weakness's will be seen by all!

FactCheckerNeil 2 months

Well, this is embarrassing for Iran! 🤣 They had to claim that no Al-Qaeda are in the country! I find their claim false...""a kind of protective house arrest together with dozens or possibly hundreds of al-Qaida fighters and their families, who had fled the US invasion of Afghanistan in December 2001 and were being prevented from traveling further by the Iranian authorities"" https/// They may have released them now though.

Aaron 2 months

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