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Fire kills 10 at Romanian hospital’s COVID-19 intensive care unit

Fire kills 10 at Romanian hospital’s COVID-19 intensive care unit

Ten people died in a fire at a Romanian hospital treating coronavirus patients Saturday. Ten others are injured, seven of them critically, in the blaze that spread through the intensive care ward designated for COVID-19 patients at the public hospital in Piatra Neamt. It was unclear what triggered the fire. Six surviving patients would be transferred to a COVID-19 hospital in a different city.

Brianna 2 months

One on-duty doctor is critically injured also, his hazmat type suit immediately ignited as he was wheeling patients out of the blaze. He saved 6 ICU patients, and was later transferred by military flight to a burn hospital in Belgium. Whatever the inquiry will tell, it’s a tragedy of a state health system that is left to rot. We already know that the electric installation was old, add to that a sudden hundred fold increase in oxygen used for Covid patients, and you have a disater waiting to ... already happened.

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 2 months

Fires in an ICU are a nightmare. I have trained to run evacuations in a hospital and manage fires and the legal consequences of the split second decisions you have to make are utterly horrendous. We do have emergency O2 shut off valves but by the time you get to it, the fire has spread. O2 cylinders are a bigger problem due to exploding. The legal stuff is summed up like this: if you take the decision to move a patient and that results in their death, but an investigation finds the fire would likely not have killed that patient, you are liable for a manslaughter charge. Bear in mind that, whilst there is battery backup for the kit, you will need maybe ten people to move each patient (carrying kit, rolling stands alongside, getting doors, clearing the path). And then you have to have somewhere to reconnect them afterwards. Just having somewhere with the sheer number of sockets required per patient (ideally connected to the same star point) is a horrendous problem. So you have to move the patients well in advance of the fire getting to you, needing maybe 30 minutes or more to clear an 8 bay ICU if you're shi7 hot and have a local destination point to evac to. Most lateral evac plans have fire doors rated for 30 minutes on compartments and maybe an hour at larger fire barriers. And if the fire doesn't breach the compartment for a patient, and they die, you're legally screwed. That being said, I worked somewhere with a fire due to O2 and arson (arson is the biggest cause of hospital fires) and the main hour fire door on the ward was utterly incredible. The intumescent strips and so on meant that the ward was just pure black inside with everything ruined and burnt, but there was just a fine rim of black around the edges of the door. The majority of the mess was from the footprints of the fire crew. Ten minute cleaning job and you'd have never known that ward was burnt to a crisp on the other side of the door. Sorry, I'll stop rambling.

Erik 2 months

I bet the oxygen got fire. Maybe someone was smoking? Or a short circuit spark? We’ll hear that sooner than later. Very sad.

Joyce 2 months

So sad for these lives lost.

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