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Google to allow you to turn off smart features

Google to allow you to turn off smart features

Currently Gmail sorts users e-mail, shows users cards and reminds users about bill payments. These are called ’smart features.’ Google uses personal data in order to offer these features. Google will now let users disable smart features. A company spokesperson states that Google wants people to use these features because they are beneficial and not simply because they exist.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 2 months

If you care about privacy use DuckDuckGo. The side doesnt even use cookies

Dagelf 2 months

Ie. Now you can opt out of seeing what intelligence agencies have on you. Sounds like an anti-feature.

Steve 2 months

Why not just allow turning ON, with off as default.

Doug 2 months

Oh, thank you , Google! You're such a benevolent overlord!

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