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Coronavirus infections in Italy already in September 2019: Study

Coronavirus infections in Italy already in September 2019: Study

Study conducted by Italy’s National Cancer Institute reported that cancer screening samples collected in October 2019 had SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. Further testing by University of Siena confirmed the finding, indicating coronavirus was circulating in the population as early as September 2019.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 2 months

Different type of Covid. Covid has been around for decades. The current one is just the newest type of the virus

Addy 2 months

Sooooo....the first evidence of COVID infections was in Italy dating back to September 2019, while the Chinese started getting sick around December. Keep the research coming. The Karen in me need to know which country I should lobby my government to demand restitution from.

Donald 2 months

Exposes the hoax...most people have the genetic material that would set off the test...hence 80 percent of cases with zero symptoms

Joy 2 months

Coming to a conspiracy group near you... the virus was created in a secret laboratory under Vatican City! And like Q warned from the start, it escaped from the basement of a pizza parlor during the delivery of a large Hawaiian (with extra cheese)! Do not trust self-rising yeast! That's how it's spread.

david dindu
david dindu 2 months

Was the study funded by chayna?

Montgomery 2 months

That doesn't pass the smell test. China confirmed the 1st case of covid 19 in 31 December 2019. Italy confirmed the 1st case of covid 19 in 31 January 2020 (2x Chinese tourists) and another case a week later from a Italian man returning from wuhan... all the other cases were direct spread from these individuals with clusters in the two regions by 21 February and virus being country wIde by 1st March. If in Italy 1st then the Italian spread would have been different

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