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New burgers launched by Beyond Meat

New burgers launched by Beyond Meat

Two new versions of the Beyond Burger have been announced by Beyond Meat. These burgers are supposedly juicier than the ones before and also have lesser saturated fats. Even though the burgers are juicier and contain lesser saturated fats, they are going to have the same savory flavor like before and will also contain lower caloric content that their previous versions.

Tom A
Tom A
🤡🌐🙅🏿‍♀️ 2 months

beyond meat is pretty gross. tastes like peameal and chemicals, and that's what it is. the coordinated advertisement campaign is disgusting too

Brian 2 months

just eat real burgers

David 2 months

Beyond Meat is Soylent Green.

Dan 2 months

And worse for you then beef. What a mess of toxic ingredients and what a joke.

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 2 months

Gross, if you are going to a fast food joint you aren’t doing it for health reasons. This is almost a ridiculous as McDonalds selling salads.

Rex 2 months

I think it's good that they make more options available. Why not? For the discussion on health though, processed food is unhealthy. Also in this case, if you don't need more sodium, do not eat this burger. Then again, if you want to stay away from cholesterol and already have a steady intake of saturated fats, it's probably good to take it easy on them beef patties, which also contain more sodium than Beyond burgers. Also for anyone concerned with the climate, this is easy as (vegan) pie.

Quetzalcoatl 2 months

A grass fed steak is leagues healthier than this imitation garbage. Their "meat" is loaded with processed vegetable and seed oils, which are a big culprit for why America is so obese today. Saturated Fat, on the other hand, is pretty good for you if derived from natural sources.

Darknimbus3 2 months

Oh dear Lord blleecckkk!!!

Indo 2 months

Keep trying peoples. Keep trying. After tens of thousands or even more years of meat dining you wanna make it happen.

Scorpio 2 months

Don't fear saturated fat. Eat more real meat. Cut processed junk.

Scubaman 2 months

Beyond meat is pretty good but not as good as impossible meat. People who love horse meat probably won't like it.

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