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Joe Biden to get security briefing today, but not from official sources

Joe Biden to get security briefing today, but not from official sources

President-elect Joe Biden is set to receive a security briefing today, but not from official sources, as President Donald Trump refuses to concede the election, and sign off on transition. Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will speak with experts from Obama years, and those who worked under President Trump, but then left his administration.

Glen 2 months

Bankrupt America, free reparations, free education, free medical, tear down wall, raise gas prices and get rid of fossil fuels and God knows how much global warming will set us back. On top of this, we will let 20 million illegals have free citizenship. If this isn't bad enough, we will give back all the jobs that were lost by the Chinese.

Rocket 2 months

This is all a mirage folks. Beijing Biden and his whole party of CLOWNS are going to get taken down by the release of The Kraken. The amount of evidence already captured of WIDESPREAD VOTER FRAUD is daunting. The election will be overturned within two weeks once everything had been laid out by the President's legal team. You'll see how quickly all of these pretenders are going to be in "shock" that they were caught with their attempted coup.

Steve 2 months

The already fastest recovery in 30 years? Try not shutting it back down.

Bryce 2 months

They don't even address the economy, just that they were meeting with "economic leaders". The talk about Covid mainly, and Bidens plans and desires for a national mask mandate. No specifics on anything, except if Trump was ready to concede. Purely a fluff piece.

Eric 2 months

Gonna move my job back to China eh?

Mike 2 months

All of this is mute if Biden locks the county down, for A YEAR, like they are suggesting.

Josh 2 months

Lol I guess hunter better get ready for all the opportunities coming

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