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Joint meeting with union leaders and CEOs of major companies hosted by Biden

Joint meeting with union leaders and CEOs of major companies hosted by Biden

A meeting between the chief executives of various companies, labor union leaders and Joe Biden was held on Monday. The meeting was organized in order to discuss the ’economic recovery and building back better in the long term,’ a transition staffer reported. This is the first time that Biden, as presumed President-elect, formally convened such leaders to discuss his economic recovery agenda

porcus 2 months

I have no desire to watch a man pretend he is elected when votes are not yet certified and the electoral college has not yet voted.

Pocky 2 months

So the oligarchy is meeting with the representative. Why should I care? We all know that those people are the only reason why he has any chance of power. After all the Democrats are the party of the elites now.

z3phyrus14 2 months

What a load. Biden is “discussing” how to get back on track with the people that supported his campaign and then its claimed that this proves his legitimacy?!

Andrew Kenney
Andrew Kenney 2 months

This is just scary. Biden is not even president elect yet and he's already acting like he's the current president.

Bryan_with_a_why 2 months

According to the case against Michael Flynn, Biden is violating the Logan Act for doing the exact same thing Flynn did (just with more countries, in Biden's case). Is the left doing this on purpose so Biden goes to prison and Harris takes over? Or do the leftists not think the laws apply to them?

Rational ific
Rational ific 2 months

"Kneel down Joe, and open your mouth. The corporate initiation ceremony has begun. We made you win. Now, it's time to pay us back."

IvoryDove 2 months

"Da Unionz" will attempt to use the force of government to make employers unionize or be crushed.

Jon 2 months

During which meeting they apparently spent 90% of their time on who was attending and 10% reviewing the most basic overview of their goals. No policies, no decisions, no major changes announced. Might have something to do with Joe being powerless at the moment.

Krešimir T.
Krešimir T. 2 months

Build back better. I don't think any other phrase annoys me more. It's the most "apocalyptic saviour/government to the rescue from doom" phrase there is.

Jack 2 months

We have two people unfit for the presidency, and it’s just fine because the public was pigeonholed by a duopolistic candidacy and manipulation of information sources to divide the public into aiming at each other — instead of these false representatives.

Alex 2 months

He’s only president-elect after the electors’ votes have been cast and counted.

JustMy.02 2 months

Why is there a picture of a gun store with the scary black rifle?

coughdrop1989 2 months

He doesnt have a economic recovery idea. Have you heard the man speak? He can barely put together a srntence let alone an entire paragraph verbally. Build back better is another fluke of his but the media and his own people push the narrative like he meant to actually say it. Sure its catchy but if you listened to the actual speech when he said it you would know it was a faux paux.

coughdrop1989 2 months

Funny how the left for 4 years just absolutely loved investigations yet as soon as the presidential election is investigated, which may I add is not illegal and part of our free democracy, you all dont like investigations. What happened?

eric 2 months

Folks admit it. Trump was a horrible president. He has set this country and world back in numerous ways. The election will be over come time when the election is certified. Let's get to work on getting this country back on track. Stop the FALSE narrative that election was stolen. Unless you support Roger Stone and his cronies...

FirstCensorshipThenJail 2 months

Counting chickens before they have yet to hatch.

Not Extreme
Not Extreme 2 months

Rube Trumptards

Angry_Face 2 months

Posturing plan and simple

Patrick 2 months

Funny cuz Trump won

IIZard 2 months

Biden is not the President-Elect

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