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Cops ’got slap on the wrist’: 3rd Breonna Taylor grand juror

Cops ’got slap on the wrist’: 3rd Breonna Taylor grand juror

A woman who sat on the Breonna Taylor grand jury came forward anonymously to reveal that she believes their investigation was incomplete. She also said she feels prosecutors wanted to give police ’a slap on the wrist and close it up.’ The woman also said that she felt herself saying ’no, that’s not the end of it’ when the proceedings concluded with three wanton endangerment charges for one officer

Tiffany 2 months

Being a part of a Grand Jury is a serious civil duty, we have as civilians. My mom does not talk about the cases she sat in on when she served twice years ago. The fact they are speaking out, I have to question their character and intentions. Everything is clearly laid out to you and what your duty is in that case. It isn’t like they walked in and did not know.

Brisa 2 months

Where are the lies because I sure don’t see nor hear of any from this! It’s time to fire them, take them to court and hopefully or ultimately LOCK THEM UP!

Seekster 2 months

Then get the State Legislature to change the law.

UranusKiller 2 months

The cops had a warrant. They knocked, announced themselves. The boyfriend used her as a human shield to survive his shootout. Then used her death to get sympathy and distract from his own crimes. Both he and her were involved in drug trafficking. Their actions led to their deaths. Sorry it's so painful to accept responsibility.

Angry_Face 2 months

They always pick that picture dont they lol she hadnt been an EMT for years...... "villains are the victims everybody, repeat after me "villains are the victims" lol

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