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Airbnb releases financials ahead of planned IPO

Airbnb releases financials ahead of planned IPO

Ahead of a planned IPO, Airbnb released its financials for the first time publicly. Its revenue jumped 32% to $4.8B in 2019, but it reported a net loss of $674M that year. The company also lost money in 2018 and 2017. This year Airbnb’s revenue fell 32% to $2.5B in the first nine months. Bloomberg expects the company to raise $3B in its public market debut.

Troy Kramer
Troy Kramer 2 months

May they go bust and be removed from hyper-inflated property markets, and may all the professional scammers using the platform have a taste of karma.

Angry_Face 2 months

Exit scam!

Indo 2 months

And its the responsibility of whom to get whom to go and fix it ????

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