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Amazon enters into medicine delivery with the launch of ’Amazon Pharmacy’

Amazon enters into medicine delivery with the launch of ’Amazon Pharmacy’

Amazon to foray into healthcare industry with launch of Amazon Pharmacy, which would offer home delivery for prescribed medicines. Amazon will offer a host of generic and branded drugs, including commonly prescribed drugs like insulin, triamcinolone steroid creams, metformin and sumatriptan. However it would not sell Schedule II medications, that includes common opioids like Oxycontin.

Asura Bomb
Asura Bomb 1 weeks

Ah yes. The mega corporation is here. The true leader of the "free" world. Don't worry about lockdowns - Amazon is here!

Ruain 1 weeks

Amd you shall now see insulin is not like water lmao

Jus 1 weeks

Why?! This should be absolutely illegal and force them to use 3rd parties.

John 1 weeks

If Teddy Roosevelt was here, he'd bust this trust!

Karlo 1 weeks

I suppose there are benefits and challenges with this as with any expansion of a giant corporation. The consumers will enjoy a convenience like never before, but with a dependency unbeknownst to man. Where this will evolve to has been the bread and butter of cyberpunkish dystopies and will be a footnote in the studies of future historians.

Julian 1 weeks

Amazon will be broken up in a few years

Datzik Legendz
Datzik Legendz 1 weeks

This mans gonna own the planet

David 1 weeks

Mr. Bezos: This is my empire fellas.

Rev. Galas
Rev. Galas 1 weeks

Helping the USPS why not!

Brutus 1 weeks

How is Amazon not a monopoly at this point?

Indo 1 weeks

And so it goes on. The capitalism that ruined this world. Hope you like it. Slurp it up !!

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