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SpaceX’s newly launched capsule docks at the ISS

SpaceX’s newly launched capsule docks at the ISS

The newly launched capsule by SpaceX has docked at the International Space Station. The capsule had four astronauts onboard with the ISS set to be the crew’s home for the next six months. The capsule completed a 27-hour journey which was completely automated. It became slightly difficult for the crew to monitor the procedure as the sunset threw shadows across the docking area.

Greasy 2 months


Sasu 2 months

I wonder if Biden will cut NASA's budget to pay for Social justice programs?

Ertuğrul 2 months

Capitalism at its finest

Saul E
Saul E 2 months

Elon Musk said this once- You can tell it is real because it looks so fake.

eclipseNF 2 months


Datzik Legendz
Datzik Legendz 2 months

Papa musk is the future

Seekster 2 months

Excellent. America can once again send astronauts to space on its own spacecraft.

ben 2 months

So awesome. Big thanks to Space X & NASA. Crew 1 Woo Hoo!!

Garthak 2 months

Was only 3 from nasa, number 4 is from japan's space program

Drangus the Hammer
Drangus the Hammer 2 months

Mad scientifical yo.

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