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US military buying location data collected from popular Muslim apps, report says

US military buying location data collected from popular Muslim apps, report says

The US military has bought the location data of millions of Muslims from across the world who use a popular prayer app and a Muslim dating app, Vice’s tech website Motherboard reported. It said US Special Operations Command, which deals with counterterrorism, bought data from Muslim Pro, a prayer app that gives the time for prayers and direction to Mecca, and Muslim Mingle, a dating app.

Steve 2 months

TikTok, is used by the Chinese government to harvest data from phones around the world. Not the first app to do it won't be the last.

William 2 months

the government is so against the use of this data when it comes to themselves and US citizens, but of course theyll use the data when it benefits them. hypocritical as always

Joseph 2 months

As frustrated as I want to be about all the ignorant people making comments towards Muslims, deep down I know that the people making these comments are just attacking low hanging fruit because they don’t want to admit that extremist Muslims are literally conservatives just like they themselves (the ignorant commenters) are. Let’s not pretend even for a second that American conservatives wouldn’t be killing trans and gay people if they could still get away with it just like they used to. Almost any chance republicans get the first thing they do is target the rights of every social group they consider to be an other. Its so easy for you guys to shit all over anyone that’s different than you but god forbid when anyone gets fed up with your shit, then all the sudden you paint them as the bad guy. Apparently none of the republicans/conservatives on this app have actually read or follow the Bible they claim to love so much because you all seem to literally do the complete opposite of what it says in the treatment of others every single chance you get and honestly if hell exists you are most likely all (ignorant commenters) going there.

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

I want people to understand that your phone is not private. Every activity is recorded on it. If you take a photo and upload it to the internet, if you turn on your location as public, amd if you send messages to someone, wow look at that now the whole internet knows where you are and what you said. Gosh! The United States government cannot legally harvest its own data, but it can purchase voluntarily harvested data. If you've ever done a genealogy test there is a high chance the FBI crime lab has cataloged your DNA.

Mega Ded
Mega Ded 2 months

As unfortunate as it is, many apps and programs sell your information, but they all warn you they're doing it (if you read the 20 pages of legal info before clicking 'OK'). I also can't say I'm surprised the US would be tracking Muslims as many radicals come from predominately Muslim countries. Not saying it's not worth reporting either. I wouldn't mind knowing who's tracking me, but it's just not surprising. Ask yourself, who isn't the military keeping tabs on?

Doug 2 months

Wondering if any app developers will actually contact Vice team for follow-up article.

Doug 2 months

Drone strikes anyone?

ben 2 months

Targeting lasers on...

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 2 months

Rephrasing the News - US tracks Haram Baes!

Dave 2 months

Okay so Mohammad, Mohammad, Mohammad and Mohammad all met Mohammad at Mohammads place to pray.

Thrice Hated
Thrice Hated 2 months

One-sided sources. Scandalous title. Very specific timing. Anything else I miss here?

Nizigiyimana 2 months

False, Muslim Pro is not a mingle or dating app

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 2 months

I imagine the dating app to be pretty boring if the woman are covered up

Jefil Christian J
Jefil Christian J 2 months

My own perspective on this outline is me questioning "Isn't this a violation on privacy?" However, I understand that there had been acts of terrorism under the name of Muslims, however generalizing a huge group is like generalizing every sheep for eating a plot of grass just because 1 sheep did it. My opinion isn't objective, it's just subjective.

nick 2 months

What about the popular app Cover Your Face-book?

KC 2 months

I do not see an issue with this, they buy information on everyone else, why not this group of people

Indo 2 months

You never get enough of spying do you!? You gotta smell their rears, don't you !?

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