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Zuckerberg, Dorsey to testify Tuesday over content moderation decisions

Zuckerberg, Dorsey to testify Tuesday over content moderation decisions

Facebook’s Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Dorsey are set to testify before a congressional hearing on Tuesday, aimed at exploring their content moderation practices. The two were served summons in October following a decision to block stories from the New York Post that made claims about Joe Biden’s son Hunter. Republican lawmakers have frequently alleged censorship of conservative views.

Randy 2 months

Publishers must be treated as publishers. If they want to express a point of view, then they must be responsible for every word, every second of content. And if that means they have to be imprisoned for enabling domestic and international terrorism, so be it.

R LoRusso
R LoRusso 2 months

Still no reason given for taking down Intwrnational Olympic Shooting Governing body page.

Shmee 2 months

Watch them use obfuscation like robots who pretend not to speak english. Algorithms made every decision for us. They are blocked not banned, etc.

O'Brien 2 months

! Learn more about how completely unbiased and impartial Twitter and Facebook are here.

Wholly 2 months

What I hate is seeing Jack look down on the people questioning him. In the last interrogation, it seemed like everyone was beneath him and "You couldn't possibly understand". Until there is economic or criminal penalty, you're just making him feel more godlike and showing how little importance you are to him and his empire.

Bulwark AC
Bulwark AC 2 months

They have chosen to go past the limitations of section 230. These large companies that break the rules need to have some accountability. They agreed to the parameters of section 230. They broke those rules. Remove all protections and fine them.

Diddy 2 months

I hope 230 is amended. Enough is enough. These two are gonna get rekt.

Matt 2 months

It's not going to do anything. The law makers doing the questioning have like 1/100 of the knowledge to actually nail them on anything. It's all going to be finger pointing and "onsie/twosie" cases and the tech heads will concede that maybe something went wrong, they are trying, algorithms here and algorithms there. They've been so far ahead of the game here that this is just a waste of money... On top of that, they know a Biden house will just enable them to silence conservatives so... Just wait it out, concede a bit, don't admit wrong doing and keep on with the OBVIOUS bias. It's a marvel..

Huntress 2 months

My Facebook was disabled without warning for being one of the admins of a Save Our Children group with about 16k members. No, I don’t believe in Q. The movement is the reason many pedophilia pages and groups (that Facebook allowed on the platform for years) were reported. After the movement gained traction the hashtags that were used to circulate child porn (rape imagery) in both twitter and Facebook were finally removed from the platforms. Sure, some conspiracy theories were spread in the movement- like any movement. But protests were not physically violent and yet Facebook/twitter decided to just delete any activist. Both platforms are disgusting.

Jim 2 months

Time to take their prvledges like they so easily take everyone else’s

808HIvibes 2 months

How many times do we drag these people in front of congress to fix their tech problems this year?! Almost 300,000 dead and all you’re worried about is social media?!

Judy 2 months

This is a bunch of bull.....Both of these dudes sold their companies out along time ago. What do you think is gonna happen here? Bingo!!!! Nothing....

Doug 2 months

Congressional hearings are worse than useless. Not to mention that Barr just downright refuses to prosecute any of the elite for any reason.

AD C 2 months

Get rid of the dual platform and publisher privileges! They have to be one or the other!

Jackson 2 months

Lol, its funny that Jack and Zucc are the only two who can keep Trump in line

Patty 2 months

Bunch of liars

UK 2 months

Conservatives like to make out as if censorship just happens to them but in reality it's a just private companies doing what they want with their own platform and doing it inconsistently to everyone.

TexasReb 2 months

Revoke and Amend Section 230!

Indo 2 months

Both apps were headed for glory. But didn't quite make it. So they endedup as what they are now. Same state that made Edison mess up the grid in frustration.

SD 2 months

Break up their monopolies.

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