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South Australia announces six-day Covid lockdown

South Australia announces six-day Covid lockdown

The state of South Australia on Wednesday announced a six-day ’circuit breaker’ lockdown from midnight, in an effort to contain a sudden COVID-19 cluster in Adelaide. Stay-at-home orders were issued for residents across the state, after a cluster of 22 cases were reported in a hotel. All schools, takeaway food, pubs, cafes and universities have been ordered closed.

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

I'm gonna go into lockdown with those two women in the photo. I want to watch them exercise and get sweaty and then they can wrestle each other and then they'll cook me dinner. 6 days is great see you in 8 days wow it's been two weeks already. Look at the one on the right, she's wearing that shirt because she wants you to want her.

Jon 2 months

Let's check back in six months to see how it's going.

Montgomery 2 months

I blame Victoria

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