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FDA approves first COVID-19 test kit that gives results at home

FDA approves first COVID-19 test kit that gives results at home

The USFDA has approved the first rapid at-home COVID-19 test. The FDA granted emergency use authorization to the 30-minute test kit from California-based manufacturer Lucira Health. The test is prescription-only. The test involves users taking a nasal swab, which they are then required to place into a vial that plugs into a portable testing unit.

Jack 1 weeks

Hello increase false positives and improperly done “testing”.

Cameron tolley
Cameron tolley 1 weeks

For those wondering why this took so long, one of the reasons is that the company who owns the right to theranos(the bs universal tester) was suing people trying to make at home testers

John 1 weeks

Great for travel

Huntress 1 weeks

Great. Now cases will rise because testing is more accessible and people will panic and lockdowns will ensue.

Karlo 1 weeks

Took a look at the user instructions, and it seems simple enough. A bit odd that the measuring device is discarded since it does not seem to be single-use like the swab and reagent tube. I suppose that the point-of-care version is not a single-use kit like the home test.

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