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Progressive groups criticize Biden pro-corporate picks, feel betrayed

Progressive groups criticize Biden pro-corporate picks, feel betrayed

Progressive groups Sunrise Movement and Justice Democrats criticize the Biden administration for choosing corporate-friendly hires with ties to the pharmaceutical industry, fossil fuels.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 months

I don't know what people were expecting he has been office for 47 years and is a cronie do nothing corporate Democrat who isn't a candidate for the people of America, he is a the candidate for the elites of society

Jon 2 months

Good MORNING progressives! Welcome back to Earth. The Democratic "machine" hates you.

Spank-O-Tron5000 2 months

I mean... What did you expect?🤣

michael 2 months

Well, that's literally the reason we wanted Bernie. Dems aren't going to learn, progs gained seats while corps lost seats, but they will only see biden's win. They will ignore the fact that 56% of Biden voters were doing it just to get rid of trump.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 2 months

Progressive shouldnt feel betrayed. We knew who Biden was but was sane enough to know that he was better than the alternative. Nows its time to fight the centrists AND the fascists.

Robo 2 months

Good. You get what you fucking deserve.

brian 2 months

Anytime I see the extreme progressives get mad at Biden I know he did something good, can’t wait until we purge them from the party

Tommy 2 months

What did they think was going to happen? Biden has 50 years of track record, you know what you're getting here. He's not going to all of a sudden fill every seat with a pinko.

Goi 2 months

LoL. Progressive fools. Everything they do just expose their ignorance. Creepy Biden has a 47 years of track record. Even non-Americans half a world away can tell you what Biden is based on that 47 years. A 70-80 year old person is not going to turn a new leaf.

Matt 2 months

They've separated themselves from the Democrats sufficiently enough, that they should stop expecting that Democrat = Progressive in policy.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 2 months

Welcome to the Washington deep state folks... AGAIN. Can't wait for the infitinous ways they're going to make our lives even more of a Fucking Pain in the Ass!

david dindu
david dindu 2 months

It's the Green new deal with pipelines and fracking, folks

Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 2 months

Hahahahahahahaha! What did they think would happen? XD

Clint 2 months

He is the definition of status quo. The only way that he will be moved left and to a progressive standpoint is if congress forces him to. He is Bush Jr redeux.

Foshizzle 2 months

Umm duh? Who'd a thunk that!

WJ MacKENZIE 2 months

Did... they expect him to stop doing what he's been doing for decades?

Doug 2 months

Hey, #BidenHarris, diverse - but still corporatist - <> progressive!

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