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Suburban Milwaukee police officer Mensah who fatally shot 3 since 2015 resigns

Suburban Milwaukee police officer Mensah who fatally shot 3 since 2015 resigns

A suburban Milwaukee police officer who had lethally shot three people in line of duty since 2015, including a Black teenager outside a mall in Feb. is resigning. The Wauwatosa Common Council accepted a separation agreement with Mensah, effective Nov. 30, according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office had ruled all three shootings were in self-defense.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 2 months

Yea, was a good move to get rid of this guy. Can’t have a black officer justifiably shooting blacks in the line of duty. Can’t loot and I mean, peacefully protest.

Glen 2 months

Asked to resign for doing his job. If he was white, he would have been publicly lynched.

Matt 2 months

I knew he wasn't white before clicking the link, and I wasn't surprised to be correct. That's what America is like now. Don't stop racism, just aim it at the scapegoat. Where's the violence in response? I thought police shooting people was a problem. Guess it only matters if the cop is white.

Chad 2 months

A real stunner here (sarcastic). Cops absolutely love killing and shooting people.

ben 2 months

But he had a hat trick, what is wrong with you people!

Karlo 2 months

I can't really comprehend the phenomena that is police-involved shootings, but after reading the NPR article about this latest shooting (not linked here but in the linked NPR article) it looks like the criticism that the local police union presented has a point: is it justifiable to resign someone for something that has not happened? I understand that precedent may be sufficient grounds in the public eye and that there may be circumstances we're not aware of, but is it naïve to say that maybe this policeman just got unlucky with the situations he ended up facing? Would any other policeman done the same or would things have turned out different? It's a difficult job and if your career length is going to be determined partially by how many deadly encounters you've faced and survived it does not seem to be any easier.

Mutatis 2 months

Two of the shootings look rather cut and dried, with the one regarding the man getting shot in his car being the most troublesome. Though, unsurprisingly perhaps, I would say the case with the most clear argument for self defense is the one that caused riots and eventually led to this guy losing his job.

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