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Pfizer says COVID-19 shot 95% effective

Pfizer says COVID-19 shot 95% effective

Pfizer has said that interim results from its ongoing COVID-19 vaccine study suggest the shots are 95% effective. The company is preparing within days to formally ask US regulators to allow emergency use of the vaccine. The company now has accumulated 170 infections in the study, and only eight of them occurred in volunteers who got the actual vaccine. One of those eight developed severe disease.

Goi 1 weeks

LOL. Next Moderna going to come out and say theirs is 95.5% effective. China's SinoVac will say their vaccine is at 105% effectiveness.

ben 1 weeks

and Moderna is 95.1% effective. Really what does the FDA say? WHO? CDC? any other countries health lets just let the Pharmas call all their own shots? well at least its out in the open now...NO GOV Regulation.

William Sevier
William Sevier 1 weeks

95% effective at proving you're a dummy for taking it?

Matt 1 weeks

Maybe this is how "Children of Men" actually started.

RebornZA 1 weeks

Im sure ill be first in line. /s

David Webb
David Webb 1 weeks

Effective at what? Sterilisation?

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